Google Chrome’s “the web is what you make of it” campaign has made its mark as one of the year’s best advertising strategies. Chrome, a free browser produced by the Internet giant, is known for its speed and easy use.

As a way of generating awareness and users, the Google Chrome crew has run a series of television advertising spots that are also on the Google Chrome YouTube Channel. Google has released four commercials, and all have the same message: web browsing is an experience created by the user.

The first commercial video, “Dear Sophie,” shows emails, home videos and photos that a father sends to his daughter growing up. He saves all the material to a Gmail account for his daughter to read in the future. Though the commercial is just 30 seconds long, it tells the packed, emotional story of a father-daughter bond that is easy to relate to for any family–all the while stressing the power of Chrome.

Another ad shows musician Lady Gaga’s power as a worldwide phenomenon put to good use. It exhibits clips of YouTube videos and tweets of Gaga’s fans embracing their uniqueness and “inner monsters.” Gaga has reinvented how celebrities can forge a relationship with fans, and the ad stresses both accessibility and pathos. It sheds a personal light on Gaga, meanwhile stressing her belief that each fan was “born this way.”

The third commercial highlights the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign. The ad pieces together a string of YouTube videos collected through Chrome by openly gay journalist Dan Savage and The Trevor Project in support of and comfort toward LGBTQ youth. This advertisement is extremely sincere, and it strikes a chord that appeals to the ethos of the viewer on an intimate level.

The latest Google Chrome advertisement showcases Justin Bieber’s success story. Bieber owes his career to the YouTube videos his mother starting posting when he was just a toddler, as they garnered him views and subsequent success. Beyond YouTube, the ad displays how the Internet–and specifically Chrome–have been assets to his career.

The power of this Google Chrome campaign lies in its brilliant ability to make social media and the Internet more personal. Indeed, Google stresses that it is simplifying the possibilities of the Internet to its core.

There’s much to be learned from this message of exploiting the web for its best possible use. For instance, your business can use the Internet and social media to reach out to those in your community for a worthy cause to build a valuable bond of goodwill.

Indeed, according to the Chrome campaign, we all have opportunity to use the Internet for the better, because “the web is what you make of it.”