Interactive Skittles Ad Needs Your Magic Touch

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Have you ever watched an advertisement that stuck with you for the rest of the day? Ads like these are memorable, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it as to why.

For once, whip out that finger, because Skittles is ready to put it to use — literally.

Now you don’t have to just “taste the rainbow” — you can touch it as well. The creative minds at BBDO Torontohave developed an interactive video campaign for the candy called “Touch Skittles.” True to form, these videos feature bizarre characters in awkwardly comical scenarios. But of all the characters involved, the most bizarre happens to be your index finger.

The videos instruct you to place your finger on a floating Skittle. Your pointer then plays an interactive role in the action of the video. One such video, entitled “Cat,” features a kitten licking the screen at the place where your finger sits. The kitten is then replaced by a feline-looking man. Naturally, a certain level of discomfort follows. Take a look:

“Cat” made its YouTube debut on March 28. Within two days, it had gone viral. The spot took gold in the Cannes Lion Cyber competition on June 22 and garnered the only cyber medal for any Canadian agency.

Christina Brown Cloudraker, vice president of the digital agency CloudRaker and a judge in the Cannes Lions cyber category, said the video was “a beautiful idea done in an absurdist, completely on-brand way.”

Today, the video boasts nearly 5 million views on YouTube. Its high success speaks volumes about the role interactive advertising plays in reaching audiences on a viral scale.

And just like Skittles, interactive advertising can benefit your brand. Here’s why:

1. It can establish personality and likability for your product

2. You can easily measure audience view counts through immediate response

3. It reaches target audiences in a simple way

4. It allows the viewer to play an active role in the advertising experience

5. Coupling interactive advertising with traditional marketing media will distinguish you from competition

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