We Are JHMG.

We are a team. We are a family. We are friends and coworkers. We believe in what we do and what our clients do. We use our skills for good.

Experience That Counts

We have experience of 20 years in a SaaS business focusing on software solutions, conducting market research, and developing a prototype. With a skilled team, we focused on agile development, scaling operations as the product gains traction through refining features and enhancing user experience.

JHMG Leadership

Jason Long

Founder & CEO

As owner and founder of JHMG, Jason has worn many hats over the years. Looking back even to his high-school years, Jason has always been a passionate entrepreneur at heart and a strong leader. Jason’s background in UX design, his history of starting new businesses from the ground up, and his unwavering dedication to excellence in every project he is a part of have earned him a reputation for high-quality work in all that he does.

In his free time Jason enjoys traveling, swing dancing, crossfit, and hiking.

Dr. Michelle Cobb

Director of Operations

Dr. Michelle Nicole Cobb was a software engineer prior to obtaining her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Michelle was excited to bring all these experiences with her when she joined JH Media Group in 2017. She has since become a StoryBrand certified guide to help JHMG clients to clarify their messaging and create effective sales funnels.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, fostering kittens, and teaching circus arts to adults and children.

Stefan Bucur

Director of Sales

Stefan started his career as a Software Developer & Technology Consultant in his hometown Sibiu, in Romania. His career path led him to collaborate with clients throughout Europe and the US, helping them optimize their processes through innovative digital solutions.

He now focuses on managing digital projects, building and leading cross functional teams using both agile and waterfall methodologies. Passionate on helping organizations embark on the cloud journey, he guides teams and clients in building scalable SaaS solutions, supporting them in all stages of the process.

Ovidiu Marchitan

Director of Engineering

Coming Soon

Lucas Lopvet

Director of Customer Support

Lucas was born and raised in France and became a US citizen in 2007. He started at JHMG as a web designer back in 2010 and progressively added managing projects and company operations to his role.

Those 14 years of experience working at JHMG have given Lucas the knowledge that it takes to manage projects closely and thoroughly, by planning, organizing and managing resources for a successful result.


We empower SaaS businesses and investors to grow and scale efficiently with comprehensive consulting, results-driven education, and end-to-end execution services.


We will be the most sought-after agency in the US to help large organizations and investors create and build the value of their SaaS offerings. By helping some of the largest businesses in the world create in-house offerings, we will catalyze innovation, reduce investment risks, and establish market leadership, ultimately fostering a more efficient, entrepreneurial economy.

Our Values

Working in Partnership

Building web solutions and strategies for clients means that we need to understand not just the how, but also the why. In order to produce the best results, we take it upon ourselves to understand your business processes and intricacies.

Attention to Detail

We are a service-based business that focuses on people and the trust they give us.
We maintain that trust with the care our project managers provide every step of the way.

Process Orientation

We are thought leaders in the area of project scoping and planning, and our well-documented processes will help your projects run smoothly.


It is through the understanding of our limitations combined with lofty goals that we devoted our attention to being innovative in our software, our designs and our methods of problem-solving.

Responsive & Direct Communication

The biggest part of any relationship is communication. Our job as digital strategists and consultants is to ask the right questions and listen. We also know that when there is a problem, it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. When clients call, they get a live person on the phone to take care of them.


JH Media Group has been in business for 20 years, and along the way we have honed our technical expertise on diverse projects spanning government work, manufacturing, financial, healthcare, political, and quantum computing industries. We are passionate about constantly developing our skills.

Thought Leadership

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