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True Blue Analytics

The goal of the platform is to facilitate access to relevant donor information and provide a reliable and compliant source of data to interested parties, which allows data crunching based on specific needs and interests.

Facilitating Agency Sales & Acquisitions

Insurance Merger Specialists brings together buyers and sellers of insurance companies and assists in mergers and acquisitions. The website and portal help educate, gather information, and smoothly flow through the M&A process.

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Patient Experience Analysis & Improvement

After years of experience working closely with healthcare businesses and building radiology information systems, we built MedRev to help healthcare businesses better understand their patients and improve their internal processes through the HIPAA compliant collection and analysis of actionable patient feedback data.
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Custom Manufacturing ERP

For over two years, JHMG had been planning, designing, and developing custom manufacturing software solutions for Classic Packaging. We’ve built a flexible schedule management system, a robust resource allocation system, an overhaul of the primary production system, detailed reporting systems and we are just getting started.

Innovative Scoping

More than ten years ago, we saw a need in the industry and we decided to be the solution. Today, digital agencies and freelancers all over the world create detailed information architectures, calculate cost and time, and get client approval on projects with our streamlined project scoping platform.
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Financial Projection Analysis

A system that completes the complex analysis and creation of financial projections without all the work.
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Quantum Computing Integrated SaaS

After accepting a job with 1QBit, a satisfied client returned to JHMG for consulting and development help on some of the world’s leading hardware-agnostic quantum computing technologies.

Online Surveys Made Simple

After working together for several years, Sensible Surveys was created in partnership with the economic development team in Newton County, Georgia. Our system is a robust automated large-scale surveying tool for regional wage and benefit data collection and analysis like no other.