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Insurance Merger Specialists brings together buyers and sellers of insurance companies and assists in mergers and acquisitions. The website and portal help educate, gather information, and smoothly flow through the M&A process.

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What Problems Does
Insurance Mergers Application Solve?

Insurance Merger Specialists had previously been working personally with buyers and sellers to gather required transaction documents, and this was a tedious process. Twelve to fourteen advanced documents are required per transaction, and there may be multiple files that serve as a single document (e.g., 12 individual bank statements to fulfil the requirement for the last 12 months of bank statements).

Buyers and sellers often required reminders to provide documents, and this was also handled by staff without automation. Further, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that the company was using had limitations such that they were interested in migrating to an improved solution.

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Project Goals

This portal allows users to:

  1. View available agencies for sale and indicate interest in them
  2. View additional, confidential data about an agency of interest as the sale progresses
  3. Upload documents required for agencies the user is selling
  4. Upload documents required to purchase an agency
  5. Manage their contact information.


Buyers and sellers will also receive reminder emails for documents that are due, as well as notifications when review of their uploaded documentation reveals a problem that requires them to upload a corrected version.

Insurance Merger Specialists staff will be able to manage the portal users via Zoho CRM, where data for all the buyers, sellers, and listings is stored.

System Build


The Buyer/Seller portal allows buyers and sellers to interact with the listing marketplace and provide the required documentation for their transactions.

Tech Stack

WordPress for front-end
Zoho API

Project Management Systems

BrainLeaf – System initial planning
JIRA – Systems development teams management
Bitbucket – Code Repositories
Confluence – System documentation
Asana – UX and marketing teams management
Harvest – Time tracking

System Features


Survey & Reminder Features

onboarding screenshot

Simple Onboarding

Easy Dashboard For Education & Gathering Data

Easy Dashboard For Education & Gathering Data

Online Secure Marketplace
Online Secure Marketplace
Legally Binding Digital Signatures screenshot

Legally Binding Digital Signatures

Advanced Account Management screenshot

Advanced Account Management

Multiple Dashboards screenshot

Multiple Dashboards

File Management & Gathering Systems screenshot

File Management & Gathering Systems

User messaging screenshot

User Messaging

Full Stylesheet screenshot

Full Stylesheet

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Integrated Systems Management

As is the case for many portal systems, a number of third party systems have been integrated with the Buyer/Seller portal.

Zoho CRM

Storage of all buyer/seller and listing data. Also, all transactional emails were sent using Zoho CRM’s workflow triggers.

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Google Drive

Storage of all uploaded buyer documents and listing documents.

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Storage of all NDA’s signed by buyers and sellers on the frontend website.

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Getting updated the buyer/seller information in Zoho CRM when they signed an NDA.

System Features

Onboarding Process

Buyers and sellers could register for the portal on the frontend website, which we have already built for Insurance Merger Specialists. First, they indicate if they are a buyer or a seller. As buyers greatly outnumber sellers, more attention is placed on sellers–Zoho CRM has been configured to send Insurance Merger Specialists an email notifying them anytime a new seller registers for the portal.

app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot


The dashboard serves to orient the buyer or seller to the steps they need to take. As the same user can sometimes be both a buyer and a seller, both dashboards are available.

Buyers Dashboard: When buyers first login to the system, they are provided with clear instructions.

Seller’s Dashboard: When a seller first logs in to the portal, they are informed that a consultant will soon call them. If they wish, they can get started uploading the required listing files.

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Listings Systems With Permissions Levels

When the buyer clicks on a listing, they can view anonymized information about the agency, and click an “I am interested in purchasing this business” button. Once the buyer has been given access to the listing they will have access to different levels of information based on where they are in the buying process.

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Customized Transactional Emails

Insurance Merger Specialists system automatically sends customized transactional emails based on a number of different actions, steps, and manual processes within the system.


  • Signup
  • Interest in new purchase
  • New Listing added
  • Contact and messages
  • Many more


Buyers are directed to view the Marketplace, which lists all the agencies available for sale.

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Advanced User Management

Users can manage aspects of their accounts including personal information, & password.

app screenshot
app screenshot

Marketing Website

In addition to the application, we reworked branding and built the public-facing, marketing website for this project. The goal of the website is to bring in both buyers and sellers.

marketing website screenshot


  • Value proposition
  • Benefits of working with IMS explanation
  • Important statistics
  • How we help
  • Team
  • FAQ
marketing website screenshot

Buyers & Sellers

  • System has separate buyers and sellers sections
  • Buying an agency
  • Facilitating Deals
  • Valuations
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Due diligence
  • Marketplace
marketing website screenshot

Complex Systems Made Simple

Buying & selling businesses is a complex process. We helped IMS make the process easy to understand.
  • Blog
  • Processes
marketing website screenshot
marketing website screenshot

Graphs, Charts, Processes Flows

  • Each step explained in simple, but powerful, language
  • Overview first, then deep dives into each area.
marketing website screenshot


  • Easy to search
  • Integrated listing that pulls data from Zoho.
  • Listings that make sense to both parties
marketing website screenshot

Advanced Navigation

Any sale in this business is a big sale. So ensuring that users understand how to use the system and feel comfortable with IMS is critical. Navigation systems assist in this process just as most other areas within the system.