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In a time during which 41% of Americans claim to get most of their news online and 71% of Americans have at least one social media account*, it’s no surprise that the majority of businesses have succumbed to the power of technology and created professional accounts on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. While these statistics provide motivation for companies to join such sites, the question becomes whether or not the “popular” sites represent the best option for small businesses?

For many businesses, the idea of implementing yet another social media account might seem exhausting. It could be the threat of a large time commitment needed to learn the new techniques, or simply the fear of new spam e-mails in their inbox that keeps them away. Regardless of their reasoning, many small businesses hesitate to create multiple social media accounts.

However, this hesitation may be partially due to a lack of awareness about the variety of social media sites that exist. While most companies have heard of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger, many small businesses are still unaware of a social bookmarking site known as Delicious.

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Why use Delicious?

1. It’s Easy to Use

What does this mean?

On Delicious, a user’s profile does not hold the significance that it does on other social media sites. The focus of Delicious is on the bookmarked articles and web sites, allowing for search engines to lead web surfers to articles about your business and services without focusing on who is posting the links.

Worried about credibility?

That’s the beauty of the site. On Delicious, you search for various topics and labels, as well as users, without sending the viewer directly to the company’s page. Users can observe a more diverse range of articles and bookmarks about a given subject when searching for articles about the business rather than by the business. However, a user can also search for the business’s individual page if there is one. Therefore, having a Delicious page for your business can help control the conversation that is already being conducted about your services.

2. Everybody’s doing it.

Companies such as Microsoft utilize the site to create bookmarks that refer users to “How-To” pages and “Help” articles. People who view one article can easily link the page to their own Delicious account, or post link to their Facebook or Twitter to suggest topics and discussions to their social community.

3. Searching is Simple.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which only allow you to search for users or companies directly, Delicious provides a search bar that can be used to search for users, topics, articles, and labels.

Delicious also employs useful services such as a “Popular Tags” section and a “Hotlist” of trending topics. To make multiple web connections easier, Delicious also allows users to automatically e-mail a link or post it as a Twitter feed.

4. Increase SEO.

Simply by having an account on Delicious, a small business can attract users to its homepage as well as articles and reviews of the business’s services. With the strategic titling of links and labels attached to the bookmarked information, a business can increase its search results significantly.

Delicious allows users to create, search, and share information in a unique way. It facilitates the organization of online material and directs web traffic to a number of homepages. Delicious is a simple and effective way to increase SEO. It allows users to control the tags and labels associated with each bookmark, simplifying the search process while categorizing topics and discussions. With the simple click of the word “Save” located next to each article title, a user can connect the visited link to his or her own page.

Even though the task of mastering new social media sites can be daunting, small businesses should take the time to figure out which sites will be most effective for reaching its target audience. Delicious is an innovative way to organize and share information with your clients, and it’s only one free click away!

*Statistics from iStrategyLab and Pew Research; Images from Google Images