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The Super Bowl is like Christmas for me – I wait all year for this day to come. Although I was a football cheerleader in high school, I am not a knowledgeable football fan. I know the basics – touchdown, field goal, first down … you get the idea. My favorite part of the Super Bowl is not game-time – it’s commercial time. As soon as the game temporarily pauses and the screen goes black for an instant, I’m ready to watch.

This year the Super Bowl celebration I attended was conveniently in my apartment, so I was able to escape the noise of the party into my quiet room to watch each commercial. A number of my friends call me “Ad-Crazy” because I love to watch commercials so much. I distinctly remember a few of them laughing at me as I ran into the next room to catch the commercial-breaks, jumping wildly over the coffee table and my two dogs that were lounging on the floor. Needless to say, I saw every ad that played, and then I watched them all again online … multiple times.

The Super Bowl is like the Holy Grail of commercial time in the ad world. Not only do the ads cost more than almost any other time during the year, they also have some of the highest viewership. According to, a thirty-second spot during the Super Bowl costs about $2.6 million dollars on average, which was down from last year’s $3 million per spot. With the expense and the hype that go along with a Super Bowl ad, the expectations are beyond high.

Sadly, I was slightly disappointed this year. Between the overwhelming amounts of car, beer, and movie advertisements, it was somewhat difficult to “see” the good commercials. There were a few ads that really got me, but there were some that just fell flat. With that said, here are my top ten Super Bowl ads of 2011:

  • 10. Bridgestone: Reply All – For a tire-ad, this commercial didn’t show any tires. The idea that a man “accidentally” sent an inappropriate email to his coworkers is plausible and has surely happened to many. The speed at which he finds each coworker and steals their email-reading devices addresses the quality of his tires. The idea was original, relateable, and entertaining.
  • 9. Doritos: The Best Part – If you’ve ever eaten a Dorito, you are familiar with this sticky, cheesy, yummy residue left on your fingertips. I really enjoyed Dorito’s take on “The Best Part”, so to speak. Although the portrayal was a little extreme, it really is “finger-licking good!”
  • 8. Chimps – My first thought after viewing this ad was “insurance.” I was wrong. I have to say, if I started my morning like this before each work day, I would absolutely want to find a new job. Thankfully, I do not work with chimps!
  • 7. Volkswagen: Black Beetle – Car commercials tend to run together in my mind, so I enjoy it when they are a little outside-of-the-box — it helps to make them more memorable. I loved that this commercial didn’t even have a single vehicle in it. The forest-floor scene was perfect — interesting and different. I can’t wait to see what this Beetle has in store!
  • 6. Budweiser: Wild West – I anticipated the infamous Budweiser commercials, and of course, the Clydesdale horses. As soon as you see those beautiful stallions, you know it’s an ad for Bud. At first I thought the ad was slightly… boring. However, as soon as the singing began, I jumped back in! Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” won me over.
  • 5. Doritos: Pug – This was one of the first ads, and it definitely had my attention. I was so nervous for that adorable pup to hit the glass door! The suspense kept me engaged, and the ending had me laughing. Once again, Doritos has made it’s humorous mark in the Super Bowl. Fun fact: This was the winner of the annual Doritos contest – it was made by a newly engaged couple!
  • 4. Chevy: GLEE – I’ll admit, I’m a die-hard GLEE fan, so I’m a little biased. But I thought the re-working of the old jingle “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” was fantastic. I felt like the ad was classic by using a well-known tune, yet modern by using the cast of Glee. Besides, everyone could use a little musical in them! My only concern: where was Finn??
  • 3. TV Favorites – I thought this ad was well-planned and well-executed. It showed a variety of shows that can relate to multiple audiences. It made me feel like the world had “come together” to watch this historical football game. What a great concept!
  • 2. Chevy: Lassie Truck – Like I said, I like unique car ads. This ad was creative, funny, and entertaining. I think there was even a tiny stab at recent reality-TV scandal involving a hot air balloon, dare I name names?
  • 1. Volkswagen: Little Darth Vader – This was my favorite ad this year. Not only did I see it during the game and online afterwards, I also previewed this ad the day before the game. I loved it then, and I love it now. The kid is adorable in his little Darth Vader costume, and almost every adult can relate — did you ever think you had magical powers or have you ever watched your children jump around the house thinking they could fly? Exactly.

This Top Ten list is strictly based on my opinion. Many of you may be surprised, but popular companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiMax, Bud Light, Snickers, and other typical Super Bowl brands didn’t make it in my top ten list, but maybe they’ll be on yours! Between Christina Aguilera’s word-swapping in the National Anthem, the Packer’s win, the greatly anticipated ads, and the Black Eyed Peas halftime “show” (or lack thereof), this was definitely an interesting year for the Super Bowl.

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