TweetAdder: Maximizing Your Twitter Account’s Marketing Skills

Twitter is one of the most popular social media Web sites used today. It’s easy to use and much faster at posting trending news topics than actual news sources, which makes it quite convenient.

It can also be a useful tool for marketing campaigns for a company, but you may find that as your business grows, so will your Twitter account, and you may spend a lot more time following and unfollowing users and replying to your own followers’ tweets. There’s a professional Twitter marketing tool, TweetAdder, that you can purchase that was created specifically for businesses. Its purpose is to help you target a specific market of users to follow, then follow and unfollow them in a matter of seconds to maximize the efficiency of your Twitter account. Here are some of its helpful features:


  • Manage multiple accounts. Businesses often set up multiple Twitter accounts for different target audiences. For example, CNN has its regular CNN account, CNNi for international news, CNNbrk for breaking news coverage, CNNshowbiz for its entertainment news, and so on. TweetAdder let’s you manage all of your accounts in one place so you don’t have to go back and forth between accounts during the day.
  • Target specific followers. You can type in multiple keywords, demographics, locations, and other characteristics to find specific users to follow which will help you to reach your target audience with more efficiency. So, if you’re running a fitness center in Denver, CO, you might want to type in “gym,” and “work out” in keywords, type in “Denver, CO” for location, and type in “18-24” for biographical information to get as many followers as possible.
  • Automatically follow or unfollow. The most important way to use Twitter for your company is to make sure that you are following users who are in your target market. By using the automated follow feature you can set the amount of profiles you want to follow each day (up to 1,000 depending on the following to follower ratio) that corresponds with the characteristics you filled out. On the same note, you can unfollow people automatically. You can even “Blacklist” users who you don’t want to follow again or “Whitelist” users you want to follow every day. 
  • Send automatic replies. The most time-consuming part of Twitter is replying to your followers. However, it’s crucial to do this to improve your customer relations and market your business effectively. If you’re in a rush, you can set up an automated reply service (much like you do when you go on vacation and set up an automated email message response to incoming emails). While this is a great tool for days when you are too busy to constantly check Twitter, it is important to remember that users will be able to see your generic reply, and may begin to lose that sense of closeness with your business if it becomes a habit.

These are just a couple of many functions that TweetAdder has to offer to help your Twitter account reach its maximum efficiency. There are other Twitter marketing tools available, and each one has benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to decide what works best for your company. Also, it’s important to remember to spend some time replying to your followers each day to ensure that they feel important, not only in regards to your Twitter account, but also to your company in general. So, take a sigh of relief — as your business grows, you’ll still be able to keep a handle on your tweeting technology!

Lucas Lopvet Project Management Lucas was born and raised in France and became a US citizen in 2007. He started at JHMG as a web designer back in 2010 and progressively added managing projects and company operations to his role. Those 12 years of experience working at JHMG have given Lucas the knowledge that it takes to manage projects closely and thoroughly, by planning, organizing and managing resources for a successful result. As a front-end developer, he has extensive WordPress knowledge and experience, he has been involved in hundreds of development projects by designing, developing, deploying, maintaining and repairing sites for small/medium businesses, non-profits organizations, and more. His lifelong interest in visual art began during early childhood, his areas of expertise include graphic design, web design and logo design as well as children’s book illustrations. He keeps drawing on a daily basis for fun and sometimes painting. Lucas and his wife have 2 kids and have been living in northern Argentina since 2017 surrounded by the Andean cloud forest and colorful Toucans.

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