UGA Costa Rica Launches Simplified, Streamlined Resource Online


Just last month, UGA’s study abroad program in Costa Rica launched its brand new Website. After years of struggling with a site that didn’t provide the program with everything it needed, a change was finally made. Though the Website is still relatively new since the launch, UGA Costa Rica can already see the positive effects of having a renovated Website.

Matt Stevens, assistant director of UGA Costa Rica, commented that a change was needed because, “UGA Costa Rica is so much more than a study abroad program. We serve as a research facility for ecology. We have a reforestation initiative. Because we’re not a one trick pony, we want people who are interested to walk away with the impression that they’re not just a study abroad.”

According to Stevens, the old UGA Costa Rica site contained all of the information, but it was hidden through many links and navigation problems. It was impossible for visitors to find out all of the great things UGA Costa Rica does. Stevens believes that, “… a Website that can guide your way through is very important. Study abroad aside, a Website that is not clean and attractive will not keep you there.”

Since the new Website has been put into place, the program has also begun to use Google Analytics, something they didn’t do before. Although they don’t have any statistics from the previous site, the results they’re getting now are more than pleasing. One of the examples Stevens gave was the move to a completely digital application for all of their study abroad programs. Already they’ve received 70 applications for their summer program, which is still six months away.

In the month or so of time that has elapsed since the launch, Google Analytics on the site has already revealed thousands of visitors to the UGA Costa Rica Website. Stevens comments that they “have been quite vocal about directing people to the new website because it is a new product we are very proud of.”

UGA Costa Rica is a prime example of how the redesign of a Website can provide amazing results. They are proof that an attractive, navigation friendly Website can increase interest and business for any type of company or program.

Check out UGA Costa Rica’s Website for yourself and tell us what you think.

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