SupportMy.Website Announcement!

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It’s a new year and time for a big announcement! Only a handful of people realize that twenty years ago JH Media Group, originally J House Media, started out as a laboratory. From the very beginning, Jeremy Minnick and I conceived JHMG to be a place from which new companies could and would find their start, and they have.

Over the years, we have started so many companies that were ideated at JHMG. Some of our notable projects include:

From our experience building systems in many industries, JHMG has become a company that not only grows it’s own SaaS endeavors, but companies for our customers. Over the last year, this new direction wasn’t inline with so many of our long-term customers whom we have supported day in and day out for so many years.

To fulfill our ongoing mission to be the best website and web-application support company on the web, we are so happy to announce our latest addition to our ever-growing catalog of businesses SupportMy.Website!

Website Support Every Day

SupportMy.Website (that’s actually the url) has been created with 20 years of experience in website and web-app support in mind with a team that responds within seconds or minutes to support both small business and enterprise customers. We reconsidered every offering we already provided at JHMG for support and how each of these could be improved, then build our services around these ideas.

Support My Website Services

SupportMy.Website will provide a bevy of services in operations, security, marketing, ADA compliance, and help our customers grow their businesses with regular launches of new products and services that are our own as well as our partners.

The Report

Each month, every SupportMy.Website customers will receive a thorough report that describes each of the items in the services list, where you are strong, where you are weak, what needs to be changed, and how the shifting winds of the internet are affecting everything from operations to rank. The reports we create for each company will not only tell you what is going well and what is going poorly but will also give you tips on what to change and areas where we recommend using your allotted monthly time towards fixes and improvements.

We’re constantly adding new reports, but at the moment we are providing the following services and reports each month:

Security & Updates

We ensure your website is updated and secure to avoid hacking and downtime.

  • CMS Core Updates
  • Plugin & Module Updates
  • Security & Malware Testing
  • Offsite Backups
  • SSL/TLS Management

Live Support & Oversight

Communicate over video conferencing with a developer, chat, or email when you need it to get your questions answered and your problems solved.

  • Multiple Support Options
  • Website Uptime Testing & Notifications
  • Contact Form Testing

Marketing & Sales

Is your website converting users to paying customers? Make sure you’re ranking properly, getting analytics you need to make decisions, and staying on top of trends.

  • Reputation Management
  • Website Analytics
  • Keyword, Search, & Backlink Analysis
  • Broken Links Identified & Fixed
  • Mobile Responsiveness Check
  • Site Speed Check

ADA Compliance

If you are in healthcare, government, finance, non-profit, or operate in government funding, you need to be ADA compliant. Ensure you are safe from lawsuits & penalties with our ADA Compliance Testing and Support!

  • Compliance Testing
  • Ongoing Compliance Support

Website Hacking Fixed

It happens to businesses around the world and even national defense agencies. Hacking is equivalent to someone knocking down your front door and robbing you. We can help make sure your door is secure and locked to keep the bad guys out.

  • Reputation Management
  • Website Analytics

What Happens Next?

Over the course of the first quarter, we are going to be transitioning all JHMG support clients over to SupportMy.Website. Our first month for any customer will be at no cost and current customers will be given the option to continue receiving support on an as-needed basis or move to our full support suite at a lower monthly and hourly cost.

During the second quarter of 2020, JHMG will complete the transition of all support customers to this new platform and will at that point only provide monthly support via SupportMy.Website.

Who Owns Support My Website? Is it the same team?

It is the same ownership and currently the same team, but we are already working on expanding this team to provide even better support in the new year. So look forward to some new faces and new systems to ensure you never have to worry about your website!

What should I expect?

The next time you call for support we will give you some new options for support and inform you that we will need to move you to an ongoing basis for support billing. Other than that, there is nothing you need to do.

Thank you so much!

Thank so much for a great 2019 and we look forward to supporting you even better in 2020 and throughout this coming decade!

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