Our New Digs!

It’s official! We have moved our main offices from Athens the Atlanta! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re here now and settled in on the 8th floor of Ponce City Market in Atlanta!

The space has a beautiful view overlooking the Buckhead skyline with hipster exposed brick walls. This was once the Sears Roebuck distribution center, and there are rumors that there is even a spring under the building that may be uncapped to open up a new small lake here. We’ll see if they actually do it though.

Living in Atlanta has been amazing. The city gets a bad rap for traffic, but right now the entire team bikes to work, so that hasn’t been an issue at all. It’s actually a huge energy boost each morning before getting started for the day.

In addition to our new space, new clients, new products, new team members, and our brand new website!

If you haven’t given us a call in a while, please reach out. We are here to help you grow!

– Jason

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