Allow Personalized Shopping to Strengthen Your Brand

Category: SaaS Management

Like social and mobile shopping, personalized shopping has become a very popular tool used by customers shopping for themselves. But what if they need help buying a gift for someone else? Now there’s an app for that.

Introducing El Gifto: a free app that offers gift ideas. Instead of sifting through hundreds of search results, the consumer simply enters some relevant information into a smartphone or computer to instantly receive a personalized shopping list.

After downloading El Gifto, the user answers a short questionnaire about the recipient, including questions about the recipient’s interests and the occasion.  El Gifto ‘s search engine then returns its suggestions based on the consumer’s questionnaire, and the shopper is linked directly to the store or manufacturer’s website.

The influence and applications of El Gifto go beyond shopping, though. And it’s really quite simple how. El Gifto offers something that consumers crave but that is often forgotten about in today’s digital shopping world: customer service.

Catering to individual consumer needs within a widespread market sets El Gifto apart from competitors, and you can do the same with your business.

The next time you’re updating your brand’s website/Facebook/Twitter, keep in mind that consumers like to know you’re thinking about them and that you care. For example, why not reach out to your consumers through a Facebook status update or suggest gifts for an upcoming holiday? These small gestures will go a long way in helping to build your brand, because your customers will feel connected to your brand. They’ll be confident that you truly want to help each of them.

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