Google is answering this question in regards to your online accounts and is helping you plan for the afterlife. You can now choose what happens to your YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ accounts after you die. Sounds morbid, right?

Google released its “Inactive Account” setting page where you can choose to delete these accounts after three, six, nine, or twelve months of inactivity. You can also choose to send loved ones data instead of deleting it altogether. Google product manager Andreas Tuerk describes this kind of like a last will and testament when he wrote in a public blog post,” Not many of us like thinking about death – especially our own,” he writes. “But making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind.” He also admits “Inactive Account Manager” isn’t the best name and some have even dubbed it “Death Account Manager”.

All you do is select a time period, up to a year, before all your data is deleted. Google will then send you a warning message, through text or email, a month before it deletes your information. One user wrote: “I always thought about this… And Google has the solution ready. Keep coming (up with) such great tools.” Just like this user, we are excited to see what other tools Google and the like will come up with in the near future, as morbid as they may be!