Pass-Thoughts Instead of Passwords!

Category: SaaS Management
2013 04 10 1522
Ever stared at that little password box wondering which password did you have to use this time? Was it one with the capital letters, numbers, symbols, or any combination of the above? Remembering what password you used for which websites can be frustrating and time consuming.

Could typing out passwords soon be a thing of the past?  A UC Berkeley study suggests that may be the case. Traditional means of computer authentication may be replaced with a concept dubbed “pass-thoughts”. Pass-thoughts will authenticate you to computer accounts simply by thinking.  Sounds like something from a science fiction movie! This may be a reality very soon. How is this going to work, you ask?

The study asked subjects to imagine performing certain tasks, such as breathing, while wearing a $100 wireless Bluetooth headset resting on their forehead that measured their brainwaves. Researchers were then able to record “pass-thoughts” as passwords from their brainwaves. The subjects returned at a later date, wore the headset, and concentrated on their breathing. The computers were able to identify the subjects based on their brainwaves at a whopping 99% success rate!

We are wondering if mood will alter the results of the brainwaves and skew the results. Also, will this be a hit? Will you run out and buy a $100 headset just to remember your passwords? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. We have written about retina and fingerprint scanners for password authentication in the past and are constantly keeping an eye out for new technology. We will keep you updated!

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