Remember the days when you used your phone strictly for making calls? Slowly, we saw the shift into cameras and text messaging. Now you can pretty much use your phone as a computer, accessing the internet. In fact, people use their phones to access the internet more than ever before. In a new research study by Pew Research, it showed that 44% of online users access websites through a mobile device. This has now become an issue web developers can’t ignore. Making a website responsive will eliminate the need for a separate mobile site and you can concentrate on just the main site, saving you time. Time is money!

Mobile responsiveness makes sure your website looks good on laptops, tablets, desktops, and smart phones. The customer will stay on your site longer if it works on their device rather than immediately leaving because it does not. Not only should your site be able to work on multiple browser types, but it should also be available to work within multiple operating systems.

Here at JH Media Group, we have been playing around with mobile responsiveness and we have actually gotten really good at it! Below are some examples of the work we have done for clients.