You’re a small company, and you don’t have a swanky budget to work with. Fortunately, some of the best advertising strategies come at little cost to you. Perhaps it is time to take some guerrilla-sized measures in developing your marketing plan.

Guerrilla marketing operates on an unconventional level. This successful maneuver thrives on interaction and unpredictability. Though this tactic is remarkably inexpensive, it requires imagination, forethought and energy. Guerrilla marketers generate attention for their products through a variety of media.

In developing an effective guerrilla plan, consider the media that these 3 campaigns utilized:

1. The Company: Car Rental Company SIXT

The Medium: Wireless networks

German agency helped SIXT combat competing car rental companies through a digitally savvy solution. The marketers of the campaign reached their niche audience of professionals through an already existing service — wifi — that was relevant to the environment. Moreover, the agency saved money while generating future business.

2. The Company: Unicef

The Medium: The street, vending machines, mobile

Unicef’s ingenious strategy was successful because it employed a medium of American consumerism — the vending machine — to distinguish issues of foreign poverty. By allowing individuals to donate by both cash and mobile device, many people contributed to the cause. Though this strategy might seem a little pricey, its clever execution created substantial ROI.

3. The Company: TBWA

The Medium: A big-statement sign!

TBWA used the springboard of surprise to deter business away from its biggest competitor. While the Saatchi & Saatchi agency was undergoing some remodeling, they hoisted boards in front of their entrance. The agency posted a notice that “Bill posters will not be prosecuted.” Considering this a go-ahead, TBWA took bold action. Clearly, guerrilla marketing can also be dealt on the advertising playing field.

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, guerrilla marketing “works because it’s simple to understand” and “easy to implement.” Levinson, who coined the term, sums up its unrivaled benefits to both the agency and the company.

By looking at these noteworthy campaigns, you too can find success through this creative strategy. Let us know of any other remarkable guerrilla campaigns by sharing them below.