Morton Theatre, a performing arts hub full of culture and heritage is celebrating 100 years of excellence in Athens, GA. They continue to bring in local community performances as well as popular touring groups. Recently, J House Media restored their website and now people outside of the Athens realm are able to step inside this historic monument and take a closer look at what is pursuing in this space.

By updating the Morton Theatre website the possibilities are seemingly endless. Not only does it create an indestructible home base for the theatre, but it offers contact information, a calendar, and other miscellaneous information such as the theatre’s history. Each of these tabs are clearly located on the top of the page providing simple navigation and distinct sections. In addition to these tabs, upcoming events are on the home page so anyone searching for the next big event can find it simply by typing in the URL.

Perhaps the most effective use of the website is the “Ticket Sales” option. Purchasing anything online is now seen as the easiest option. Many open an online search engine rather than the yellow pages, simply due to it’s reliability and speed. Therefore, by placing an easily accessible “Buy Tickets” button on the left, a night at even the most historic of theatres is just one click away. In addition to the ease of buying tickets, rentals and donations are also much more accommodating to our fast-paced and technological society. This simplicity of this online process of course benefits both the donors and the receivers, Morton Theatre in this case.

Without an online presence in today’s world, it is harder to compete with other products or services aside from word of mouth. Morton Theatre chose to create a solid and manageable online profile so that anyone in the world or in the local region can know about the authentic and enchanting qualities this Athens monument has to offer.