Dear Clients,


Our goal at J House Media has always been to deliver more than what our clients ask of us. We strive to meet and exceed the needs of our clients, and to continue to give the highest level of support once a project is officially in a client’s hands. We refer to this as our “Customer Obsessed” philosophy.

Naturally, as a company grows new ideas must be implemented or new structures put in place in order to maintain that growth and to maintain our level of dedication to our clients.

Beginning December 1, 2010 J House Media will offer 4 Support Service packages. In the next few weeks you will receive additional correspondence which lists each of the 4 options and what level of service is included with each. We kindly request all clients select one of these Support Service Packages.

The implementation of these Support Service packages will help us be better streamline our support system and serve you better.

Thank you in advance, and please be on the lookout for more communication from us regarding the Support Service packages.

Jason Long