Effective Website Design For Doctors & Medical Facilities

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Strategic Website Design For Your Medical Practice

A well designed, and well thought out website for your medical practice can work to serve your business, your patients, and future patients in a powerful way.  More than likely, your patients – both current and future – are on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones right now browsing on the web.  And with a strategic website for your practice, you can connect with your patients in a way that’s never before been possible.

From a patient’s perspective, an efficient user interface may allow your patients to schedule appointments in available time slots, and do it in a way that’s safe and secure for transferring patient information.

Also, a well designed website should be able to quickly give patients helpful information such as office hours, walk-in hours (if applicable), insurance policies, patient forms and documentation, and other relevant policies and procedures unique to your practice.

Being able to provide applicable medical forms and insurance paperwork could easily save hours of time for both your staff and your patients.  All of which creates a more enjoyable and efficient environment for your patients.

So, when it comes to planning out a website for your medical practice, here’s some points to consider:

Insist On A Medical Practice Website You Can Customize

You should build a website that can be customized to suit your specific needs. You may want to run a blog where you share valuable tips and information about your specific area of medical expertise.  Or, you may want to run a blog that shares more general information such as a healthcare advice, and ways for families to stay healthy and fit.

Along with a blog, you may also want specialized pages within your website that discuss unique treatments, how the treatments are delivered, and who would be the best candidates for your treatments.

Frequently Update Your Medical Practice Website

Keeping your website updated with fresh, relevant, and informative content is critical to the long term success of your medical practice website.  If you do not have time to keep your website updated yourself, you may want to consider outsourcing the task.

The medical field is changing fast.  So having a dynamic website for your medical practice can help you, as a doctor, stay ahead of your competition by keeping patients informed and connected.

Another reason to keep fresh, high quality content updated on your website is because it can be a huge source of new traffic from search engines such as Google.

Google has said for years that their preference, more than anything, is freshly updated and high quality content.  When your website delivers this type of content on a consistent basis, your presence in search results will climb for your targeted keyword phrases.

Your website is your brand

If you present your medical practice website in a professional and appealing manner, then you’ll create a lasting impression on both new and existing patients.  This contributes to building a strong brand for your practice.  But if your website looks like it has been abandoned, then visitors (new and existing patients) to your website will attribute this perception to your overall business and in turn, your brand will be negatively affected.

Some people love to read articles, while others enjoy watching videos.  And other’s still enjoy browsing through a bunch of images.  Incorporating a diverse mixture of content is a great way to reach all different types of people while providing a way for new and existing patients to remain engaged with your medical practice.

For example, let’s say you are a dentist and you want to provide helpful tips to your patients.  One way to do this is by implementing short, informative videos that show your patients proper brushing techniques.  Or you might have tutorials where kids can learn how to properly floss.

With a great website design and content strategy, you can turn your medical practice into a thriving online environment that will not only help you stay connected to existing patients, but will help you reach new patients in a powerful way.

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