If You Can’t Make It, Fake It with Instasham!

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Tired of going on Instagram and seeing all your friends taking trips, eating exotic foods, and just doing more fun things than you in general? You might be working a 9-5 everyday and the highlight of your week is getting to sleep in an extra couple hours on the weekends. You then hop onto Instagram and seeing your friends living their life to the fullest and you have nothing to post.  Fear no more!

Some time ago we wrote about the Hater App that acts like Instagram for the things you hate. Now we are discovering this new concept of “Instasham”. This new website gives you Instagram-esque pictures from their stock photography that makes it look like you are having more fun in your life than you really are. Now you get to look like you are visiting Paris and driving that Ferrari you’ve always dreamed of! The only question is if your friends will really believe you’ve gone from your boring life to visiting exotic locations and driving fancy cars? That may be a gamble you’ll have to take to find out.

The more important overall question is: Is this really what our life is coming to? Social media is making us care too much about what others think, even more than ever before. We tweet things to make us sound wittier than we actually are, and we upload pictures that make us look the most attractive on Facebook and Instagram. Why do you think the infamous “duck face” is so popular? We are a society that brags through social media and we care too much about our image. With all of this pressure to keep up with the InstaJoneses, it’s no surprise that things like the Instasham website are popping up. Though creators of the site, Andy Dao and Stacey Smith, say it’s just for fun and it’s really to poke fun at the way we like to brag on social media. Here at JH Media Group, we like to write about the future of technology and how it’s evolving so we are very curious to see what other websites, such as Instasham, people will come up in the near future.

Interested in shamming your friends with Instasham? Click HERE.

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