3 Ways Social Media is Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Category: SaaS Management
It’s no secret that we live in a world full of people who are extremely busy. Because of this, many consumers have left stores and headed to the Internet. So how do you get consumers to pause long enough to make a purchase? The answer is social shopping: using social media to encourage consumers to buy online. Here are three new ways to use social shopping to boost your brand.

1.  Facebook E-Commerce

A user simply “likes” a product–much like a regular FB page–and is given easy access to learn more, to discuss with other Facebookers, and most importantly, to purchase. Pages offer a shopping link that allows users to browse products. Once the user has selected a product and is ready to purchase, he/she clicks “Buy” and is taken to the retailer’s page to check out. Users can also “like” and “share” their purchases with all of their Facebook friends.


2. Shopping Mall App
This app was recently launched by Payvment, Facebook’s top e-commerce provider. Shopping Mall brings together all of Payvment’s sellers, so users can browse, share, discuss and buy from various providers all in one place and without ever leaving Facebook. This is great news for businesses that want to stay competitive in the marketplace, because they know exactly how many different vendors are selling a certain item. It’s also free to use, and Payvment does not take a cut of your sales revenue.

3. Tweetseller
Although not quite as high-tech as a Facebook page or Shopping Mall, Tweetseller can be an effective tool for online businesses. Like a Twitter version of the classified pages, the items sold by users and businesses are added to Tweetseller’s constantly updated list as they’re tweeted. Consumers simply search for what they want to purchase and are directed to your site.


Because we live in such a busy world, it is more important than ever for a brand to have a strong online presence. Social shopping is an effective way to grab consumers’ attention and share your products with them. And who knows–you may make a new friend or two along the way!

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