MulticolorEngine is a service by Tineye Labs that helps you choose a color palette and then searches millions of creative commons images on Flickr to produce a collection of images in your selected color palette. The website claims it’s the best color search engine in the world. After playing around with it for a little, we realized it’s arguable the most fun.

We all are used to search engines where you enter a word and then it comes up with results that match your keyword. With MulticolorEngine, you enter colors and the results are a bunch of images that match those colors. You can choose any combination of colors and it will spit out a bunch of images with those colors. You can choose from one, two, three, four, or more colors and this service will show you a lot of images with those same colors.

This tool can greatly enhance your web development initiatives as you can pick the perfect images to match your color scheme. It lets you and your customers find images that best match a single or multiple colors. It can also extract a color palette from an image or a set of images that you upload. It’s automated, fast, accurate, and remarkable.  Try it out HERE!