In this day and age, we are turning more and more to social media outlets, such as Twitter, to express our thoughts and emotions. With 200 million active users, Twitter makes it easy to post your deepest thoughts, photos, interests, whereabouts, and plenty more.  The very nature of social media sites encourages users to provide a certain amount of personal information. Bear in mind, however, that this doesn’t mean that you should post everything that crosses your mind. If you do this regularly, your job security and future may be at risk.

We have all had bad days at work and, after one of these experiences, you may want to vent, but Twitter may not be the best place to put all your true feelings about your boss. Don’t tweet about how much you hate your job because there is a new app that will re-tweet about it, and possibly cause you some trouble. Researchers at the University of Hanover in Germany created a new app called FireMe! to warn people about the risks of tweeting about how much you loathe your job. Every time you tweet something bad about your job, it gets flagged and you get a personal message asking if tweeting that was a good idea. That’s not the kicker, folks. It then displays your post with your Twitter handle, profile picture, and timing of the post for the entire Internet to see. The tweets that are displayed on the site range from people that say bad things about their bosses to  threatening messages from employees wanting to kill them. If you are looking for some entertainment, you can go and view people that are dissing their jobs in real time.There is also a helpful aspect called “FireMeter” which scans your past posts and determines the likelihood of being fired based on your tweets. A 1% means you do not need to worry about the possibility of being fired, although, being listed at all can’t be a good sign.

The app claims its purpose is to remind users that their tweets are not private and everyone can see them. If you want to say something bad about your boss, you might as well go into his or her office and scream,” Fire me!”  We need to realize that there are things you should not be putting out there in the social media world. This app can help offenders realize it may not be the best idea to spill your guts out to the world. One of the funniest ones we have seen today says,” Some days I hate my job so much, I want to stab things…While simultaneously crying bc I hate my job”.If you care about your livelihood, our recommendation is to censor some things put of your Social Media posts, especially your bad feelings towards your boss. We are wondering if something like this will be coming out for Facebook soon, it might be helpful, or dangerous, depending on what you share.