Just when we thought we’ve seen everything, a  new type of computer was revealed at the TED Conference in Los Angeles. It is a transparent computer called Spacetop 3D where you can reach inside and touch the digital content inside. Microsoft, in collaboration with TED fellow Jinha Lee, has been working on this new computer and says that this computer might come into general use within a decade. This can radically change how we interact with technology!

This computer appeals to the human’s innate need to interact with surroundings. You can actually reach inside this computer and move around documents and browsers using just your hands. With the Spacetop 3D, you will actually be able to pick up a document you are working on and flip through it like a book. The convergence of the physical and digital world is such a cool concept!

How does this Spacetop 3D work? The transparent LED combined with gesture controls and 3D graphics creates a box-like environment where you can reach in. There are also two cameras on the desktop that track hand and eye movements and adjust accordingly so that when you reach in, you will be able to grasp items. The video below will explain how this all works more thoroughly.

We are so excited about this potential shift from 2D into 3D technology and are curious to see where the future will take us. Hopefully flying cars are next!