In this new digital age, not having a website can really hurt your business. Having a web presence is crucial to any business as more and more people around the world are getting access to the internet. In the past, when someone wanted to search for a product or service that they were interested in, they would just pull out a phone book and search the directory for what they needed. Today, one would just go to a search engine and find what they needed online. It is very important for a company to have a website so potential customers can find and reach them easily. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes when creating a website that can have negative effects on business.

Here are a few we came up with:

  • Clutter– One of the first impressions a user that visits your website gets is how everything is arranged on the page. Having a lot to look at can just deter people from your site. Truth of the matter is people are put off when they come to a website and are bombarded by a bunch of information or pictures. Ultimately, they get confused as to where to find where they are looking for, give up, and leave your website. It is very important to have only what you need and not a lot extra to draw in the eye of the user; you want to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. This can be accomplished through prioritizing what’s important and what you can live without. Whether the goals of your business is to make money, get your thoughts out there, or whatever else, having a clutter-free website can help you accomplish your goals and help your site stand out.


  • Hidden Contact Information- Ever go to a website and spend minutes trying to find the contact information on the page? It’s frustrating. Nobody wants to waste their time rummaging through your site to try to find your contact information. Having contact information that is hidden or omitted completely is a huge problem if you want customers to contact you for a product or service. When a user leaves your site without finding your contact information, you have potentially lost out on a customer and money.  Thus, it is important to make sure all your contact information is easy to find to combat this problem.


  • No “About Me” Page- “About Me” pages help build trust in the users. When people know about you and gain trust, it will be easier for them to buy your product or service. Having a little story about what you’re about and a picture is vital in building trust in the client. Not only does your story count, but people want to be able to see who you are in order to build that faith in you that you want them to have.


  • Bad Navigation- Navigation is a key component of a website. Having a website that’s easy to navigate can help users find what they need and is less likely to deter them from using your site like bad navigation can. Users are sometimes impatient and they aren’t going to stay on your website for very long if they can’t find their way around your website. Site navigation should be simple and the same on every page of your site. If navigation bars change from the top to the left or change colors completely, this could confuse the user and discourage them from using your website. In addition to all this, there shouldn’t be a lot of choices to bombard the user with. Here at JH Media Group, we like to keep the number of navigation buttons around 6 or 7 as to not confuse the user by offering so many choices. Don’t assume users know as much about your site as you do. Provide a site map or search engine to help people find what they are looking for on your page as well as making sure the navigation bar is consistent throughout your website.


These are just a few of the biggest mistakes we have seen in bad websites. You want to create a simple, easy to use website to attract potential customers and make yourself more money! JH Media Group can help you in this venture, contact us HERE.