It’s Friday! We thought we’d bring attention to a more lighthearted topic.

Prominent Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali, is known for his bizarre and imaginative work in the art world. In the 1930’s, he created what was known as the “lobster telephone” which is simply a lobster attached to the handset of a rotary-dial phone. Remember this?

Fast forward to the 21st century, Australian designer Elliot Gorham channeled Dali’s work into modern phone accessories. He created a lobster iPhone case that left most of us scratching our head. Bulky and impractical, the lobster iPhone case will surely get you noticed in a crowd. Gorham writes in the product description, “Unlike the typical phone case, it doesn’t offer functionality of protection and style.” The lobster case will also make the camera on your phone obsolete as the lobster’s body covers it. He realizes that it’s impractical but urges that it’s supposed to be awkward on purpose. This case is meant to appeal to the surrealist in all of us. So if you have the insane urge to be noticed and draw a lot of attention, this phone is for you. Don’t take it swimming, though. This phone is NOT waterproof.