Content management isn’t just for large, complex businesses such as manufacturing. Doctor’s offices and medical professionals can also benefit from a well organized content management plan, especially when it comes to web-based content such as a website.

What you see on a medical website isn’t what you’d see on a site selling household items or offering lawn and garden care. The content found on a medical practice website needs to be targeted to your patients, both new and existing, and it needs to be well organized, informative, and ultimately become an extension of your medical practice.

Content Management For Your Doctor’s Office – What To Include

Content management strategies for doctors and medical professionals should include certain elements for the content to effective. You can have some flexibility with the style and layout of your content and with details such as background color, text color, and images.

But there are certain design elements and content structures that we believe are key to your medical practice getting the most out of your content management strategy:

  • Benefits of your practice – There are literally thousands of medical websites for doctor’s and other medical professionals. You want to clearly state the benefits of your practice and why a perspective patient should choose you over somebody else offering the same treatments.
  • Credentials – Trust is especially important on any medical website. You want to include credentials such as state license number, degrees, specialties, awards, and honors. This may also include a list of hospitals where you have privileges.
  • Explanation of procedures and/or treatments – Many perspective patients go to a medial website for information, regardless of whether or not they become a patient or not. You want to clearly explain any procedures or treatments you offer that aren’t easily understandable.

Keep It Interactive and Sharable

You want to ensure your content is as interactive as possible. This includes making it easy to leave feedback, which can be achieved with a commenting system at the bottom of your articles or web pages. You can also include links to social media sites or blogs related to your practice. Archiving blog posts and adding tabs that provide more detailed medical information and advice will also increase value experienced by a visitor to your website.

Once you determine the best content management structure for your website, the next step is to implement those elements and strategies.

Testimonials would be another great addition to any doctor’s office website. The testimony of a current patient that is excited about your medical services and who experiences exceptional medical care at your office can be valuable to building a future base of new patients. This also means you’ll want a content management structure that will allow you to keep your testimonies updated on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the key considerations when it comes to content management strategies for your doctor’s office.

What are some other content management strategies that you can think of that would be valuable for a doctor’s office or other medical facility?