In the grand scheme of things, QR codes are relatively new technology. These little codes are nothing more than 2D barcodes that can be scanned by any smartphone on the market. That said, QR codes enable, or encourage, you to think creatively to find ways of extending your website into a 3rd, or 4th, dimension. It’s okay! Don’t get scared; these dimensions are guaranteed to be monster-free.

And what’s more, J House’s own product developer Jeremy Minnick has created a quick, free and easy QR Code building site, QR Codify. Simply add a URL and choose your color/size, and you have your very own signature QR Code.

To help you get started with QR Codify, I have put together a list of my 5 favorite ways to use QR codes to extend your website’s awesomeness.

1. Interactive Business Cards

It’s so frustrating to spend time and money to print business cards and really have no idea if anyone is in fact reading the web address, grabbing a computer, and going to your website. How many times have you yourself taken a business card, put it in your wallet and then thrown it away later while cleaning out your pockets, not wanting to take the time to research the company or contact? I, for one, have done my fair share of filling up the trash cans with countless 2.5” X 3” little cards. So the question now is what to do to avoid that. How’s about some QR CODES?!

With QR Codes, you are able to place this powerful little code directly on the back of your card, or any other printed advertising block, to be scanned. This will enable others to simply pull their phones out, snap a shot of the QR code and be promptly directed to your website. It’s quick, simple and easy! Another great feature is that QR codes enable you to track the usage of your codes, making it possible to track the success of your different marketing strategies. My idea of a perfect tool.

2. Link Customers to Your Social Site

Who doesn’t love Facebook? Well, maybe the kid who can’t get anyone to accept his friend requests… but that’s not us, right? Facebook is quickly becoming the world’s favorite pastime, which makes social media a vital part of promoting your business and website. I’m assuming that you have a Facebook page promoting your website — if you don’t, where have you been for the past few years? Get on board now, before you’re, well, more than two steps behind.

It’s clearly just as important to drive people to your Facebook page as to connect them directly to your website. This helps get your website out to a larger audience and enables people to jump to your site with just a few clicks. Well, a great way to do this is to utilize QR codes by allowing people to “like” or “friend” your Facebook page with a simple snapshot of your custom QR code. It is just another way for your website to engage the world.

3. QR Scavenger Hunt

Let’s be honest — young people love interacting with technology. They (and yes, I said “they” and not “we”, but let’s not go there) are eager to pull websites into another dimension, somehow taking the screen and putting it into their hands! Doing interactive events can drive a lot of activity to your site.

Imagine creating a QR code that gives users a clue and directions to a random location, or even another website (perhaps your company’s partners or vendors). That location, or website, would have a QR code directing them to another location or website, and so on. With each scan you can display custom information, perhaps an ad with each clue, or info on your services. This could be a great way to interact with people in an extremely unique way, and therein forcing your website to stand out.

And stand out you must. Who wants normal and boring?

4. Scan to Join a ListServ

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get people to take the time to sit down in front of their computer, go to your site and sign up for a listserv. So often we hear, “I want to get on the list; I just keep forgetting!” Well, with QR codes, you can send flyers, hang posters, hand out cards, or even Facebook a copy of your custom code enabling others to snap a shot and be sent to your listserv page. At its core, QR codes take out the extra steps that often call us to… what’s the word? Oh yeah, laziness!

5. Register for Coupons/Giveaways

Imagine starting a campaign to offer discounts on your websites services or doing a promotional giveaway. You could send out a QR code as the tool for people to register for the goods or services. Simply grabbing their smartphone and taking a shot of your code can take them to a page to register some information and receive a coupon, or perhaps even a raffle ticket, all from their phone. It’s that simple! With a world of mobile driven tech, we must get moving and make this new technology work for us…

And if you still don’t believe me, well — SCAN THIS!