It’s the 256th day of the year, and that means it’s Programmer’s Day! If you don’t get it, that’s probably a good thing.

Programmer’s day is a time to reflect on and appreciate the fruits of your socially-limited family and friends’ efforts to bridge the gap between user input and hardware.

You like the coolest new apps on your iPhone? Thank a programmer!

You know that warm feeling you get when your bank charges you the monthly maintenance fee as soon as your balance is at $.37? Implemented by a Programmer!

Wonder why certain street lights are timed to stay red even when there are no cars in the cross street?


Worried about the eventual machine evolutionary takeover of the world? Started by a programmer (…an evil one).

Don’t worry, though — feed us plenty of Doritos and Mountain Dew, and we’ll be happy to keep on doing what we do best:  Tell you your idea is dumb and then build a better program to prove it.

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