SharePractice: A million doctors in every practice!

Category: SaaS Management
On Monday, we wrote a blog article that explains how technology is changing the medical field. In that article, we explained that there is certain technology that helps doctors better communicate with other doctors so that you get the best diagnosis and treatment out there. That is the premise behind an idea dubbed “SharePractice”.

SharePractice is a social clinical reference that doctors use to collaborate on treatments, discover clinical research, and rate treatment efficacy. SharePractice allows doctors to search for thousands of diagnoses and find all the ways millions of doctors are treating them. Treatments can then be ranked by the community of doctors as well as dosage, duration, and frequency for every drug, supplement, or herb. What if you can’t find your favorite treatment? No problem! You can add it and then receive feedback from other doctors.

With this source of communication, doctors are able to share information and treatment options that have worked for them. This greatly changes the healthcare industry because, instead of calling or emailing one doctor at a time, this allows your doctor to ask questions and receive feedback from other verified doctors in their field. This ultimately helps the patient in the long run because they can receive access to the best treatment options that have worked for other physicians without bias from pharmaceutical or insurance companies. SharePractice claims it helps good doctors become great doctors.

Become a great doctor.

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