Improving patient experiences

MedRev is a HIPAA compliant online reputation management system that was designed to help medical practices understand their patients’ experiences, improve services, and increase the quantity and quality of their presence on social media platforms.

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What Problems Does
MedRev Solve?

According to a Cornell University study, a 1-star change in social reviews can equate to as much as a 39% change in revenue for a business, and since healthcare is second only to restaurants and hospitality in online review importance and searches by customers, this applies directly to this industry.

Healthcare providers are often amazing at what they do, but they often have no idea that there are problems within their businesses. This is true for healthcare businesses as small as a single provider, all the way up to hospital systems. MedRev helps healthcare businesses understand the experiences of their patients so they can be improved.

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Project Goals

What prompted the start of MedRev

Improve healthcare business within the US and worldwide by providing insight into the experiences of patients while simultaneously growing the social reputations of the businesses.

Years ago we built a Radiology Information System (RIS) for a regional company. In addition, we had worked with healthcare practices and systems for years. During these engagements, as well as our own personal trials with healthcare, we learned how frustrating navigating the healthcare system can be. This is true for patients, but also for healthcare professionals. The individuals running healthcare businesses at all levels must understand their patients, and very few systems, if any, existed on the market to do this at the higher levels until now.

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System Build


MedRev is a robust system for sending texts and emails, receiving satisfaction survey and social media data and interpreting that data to yield useful, actionable information. The system features are built around the ability to enable practices to request and receive this kind of data, and then interpret that data through a variety of analytics systems.

Tech Stack


Project Management Systems

BrainLeaf – System initial planning
JIRA – Systems development teams management
Bitbucket – Code Repositories
Confluence – System documentation
Asana – UX and marketing teams management
Harvest – Time tracking

System Features


Text And/Or Email, Customization, Low Score Notifications, Reminder Emails, Response Options & More.

Survey & Reminder Features

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Text and/or Email

Sending texts is one of the best ways to get a patient’s attention and their feedback. In fact, 82% of smartphone users read every text they get. But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. MedRev enables you to send texts, emails, or both depend-ing on each patient’s needs. From sending surveys to personalized responses, you always have options when it comes to communication.

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Life can be busy, especially after receiving medical treatment or care. A gentle reminder can help patients remember to leave a review. Our reminder emails are customizable and non-intrusive so you only send reminders when it’s appropriate for you.

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Survey Building

We want your MedRev account to be an extension of your business. You can set your questions, change your icons, add your logo and personalize your messages. Each department or location can be setup to have different surveys, different triggers, and request reviews for different, or the same, social platforms.

Notification & Response Features

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Low Score Notifications

MedRev can alert you when a patient is more than just a little frustrated. When a patient leaves you a 1-star survey response, a designated staff member can get an email right away so you can act fast in situations where a quick response is necessary.

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Respond Via Email, Text, or Phone

An apology, or a simple thank you, goes a long way. MedRev helps you communicate with your patients through saved templates or personalized messages using the method that best fits your staff and your patients’ needs.

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Knowing When To Respond

Managing communication with less than satisfied patients is easy with MedRev “Surveys That Need Responses” section. Here you can prioritize which patients to respond to, and remove those from your list that do not require a reply. Reaching out to patients has never been easier!

Review Consolidation & Communication Records

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View and Reply To All Online Reviews In One Place

MedRev can alert you when a patient is more than just a little frustrated. When a patient leaves you a 1-star survey response, a designated staff member can get an email right away so you can act fast in situations where a quick response is necessary.

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See All Encounters Your Patients Have With MedRev

MedRev provides a profile for each patient so you can see exactly what communication was sent to them and when. Here you can opt patients out of further texts or emails, or see what IP address their survey was taken from.


Powerful Data And Analytics

Having meaningful data presented in a clear format makes it easy to see how you’re doing. MedRev gives you the tools to know when and where obstacles to patient satisfaction lie so you can make improvements to your business that will have a positive impact on your patients, staff, processes, profitability, and overall reputation.

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Change Over Time

See your average patient feedback score from day to day, week to week, or month to month. Filter by date and use our sliding view to zoom in on a specific time period.

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Responses By Rating

Want to know what percentage of your survey questions were given a 5-star response? Easily filter by date to see how many questions received positive or negative feedback so you can get a clear picture of how you’re doing.

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Statistics Dashboard

See your average score for a specific time period or the lifetime of your account. Know how many survey requests have been sent out, how many were through email and how many were through text. View your ratio of positive to negative survey results based on the minimum score you set up for your location.

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Export To You Business Intelligence Systems

See your average score for a specific time period or the lifetime of your account. Know how many survey requests have been sent out, how many were through email and how many were through text. View your ratio of positive to negative survey results based on the minimum score you set up for your location.

Security Features

When it comes to your patient data, security is critical. In addition to every team member completing HIPAA training, we have implemented a number of security features into the system to maintain compliance and make sure your business and data are safe.

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PHI is encrypted while at rest and in motion

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Emails containing PHI are encrypted, and PHI is never distributed via text message

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5 minutes auto-logout

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MedRev requires the use of strong passwords and automatically logs users out after a period of inactivity

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We implement comprehensive security and privacy policy manuals that document our security controls and privacy safeguards

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We conduct security and privacy risk assessments on an annual basis

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We conduct network vulnerability scanning on an annual basis

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We have agreements that require our external service providers to comply with HIPAA if they have access to PHI that is entrusted to us

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All staff with access to PHI receive initial and annual HIPAA privacy and security training and sign a confidentiality agreement annually

Marketing Website

Within the first year, we have iterated twice on the website. The website has grown in ease of use and information during that time. The initial site was launched to gain rank and ensure the system was going to be accepted by the market. The marketing website covers the following pages:

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  • Value proposition
  • System explanation
  • Value statistics
  • Important statistics
  • System features basics
  • FAQ
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  • The patient process
  • System reminder features
  • Notification & response features
  • Review consolidation & communications
  • Integrations
  • Data analytics and dashboards
  • Security features and HIPAA compliance
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  • Blog
  • Lead magnet – the healthcare reputation guidebook
marketing website screenshot
marketing website screenshot


  • Explains the three different package levels and the value metric (i.e., number of patients).
  • Prices change based on the number of patients
  • Automatic tool for implementing new spreadsheet into pricing page and Stripe at the same time so that new pricing can be easily tested.
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  • Explains why MedRev has a better understanding of issues affecting healthcare businesses than other systems.
  • Our team
  • Support and methods of support
  • Contact Form
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Get Started / Login

The get started and login pages are both technically a part of the application, not the public-facing website and will be covered in the onboarding and user management areas of the system features below.

Application Systems

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process was reviewed extensively and went through multiple iterations to create a smooth process for healthcare businesses to sign up and connect their social media accounts without the help of MedRev.

application systems screenshot
application systems screenshot
application systems screenshot


The dashboard is the central location for quick data analysis, system use, and patient interaction. This area has a number of graphs that show the system user how patients are interacting with the practice and what they are and are not happy with.

From the dashboard, almost every system feature can be accessed or is represented. In particular, surveys are normally sent in batches or as part of an integrated system, but from this page surveys can be sent one at a time using the ‘Send Survey’ button on the header.

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Survey Results

All survey results can be reviewed from the survey results page. From this area, the user can interact with the patient via text or email as well. This page has a few special restrictions to keep healthcare providers from sending Protected Health Information (PHI) via insecure methods.

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Building & Editing Survey Questions

The MedRev system was built to make satisfaction surveys quick and easy to take. The survey builder system allows each location to build their survey, turn on and off different questions, and set the number of questions that are displayed to a user in any given survey.

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Upload Batch

Most of the time, individual surveys are not sent one at a time. They are sent in batches or as a part of an integrated system. When a set of surveys need to be set, the upload batch features enable a user to upload a CSV file of patients who are then sent surveys or social review requests at one time.

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Advanced Analytics

The advanced analysis tools enable users to look deeper and gain more insights from their data. This page gives a full sentiment analysis of each channel as well as a variety of metrics including a word-based sentiment analysis that visually shows the positive and negative words being used by patients.

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Tracking the interaction of a healthcare system with patients is a required feature. So the patients features enable users to view every interaction between a patient and the system and opt patients out of future interactions.

Text Communication

The text communications system enables system users to respond to patients via text.

Social Reviews Management

The social reviews management is integrated into major social reviews systems and enables the system users to administer their major social reviews from a single platform.

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Locations Management & Settings

The MedRev system is set up to account for multiple locations that can be administered individually or centrally. Each location can be individually configured. In addition to social integrations and location information, the following systems are also available:

  • Default email messages
  • Minimum survey scores
  • Days between surveys
  • Survey or review sending setup
  • Disable and remove location
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Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automatic emails sent out by the system. This does not include marketing emails, although transactional emails may have a marketing aspect.

For account managers, transactional emails include:

  • Weekly activity summary
  • Daily activity summary
  • Subscription successful
    Subscription renewed
  • Subscription canceled
  • Payment notification
  • System welcome email
  • User invitation email
  • Negative survey feedback received
  • Negative social feedback received

For patients, transaction emails include:

  • Survey request if no phone number is available for the patient
  • Survey reminder
  • Thank you for your feedback for a survey
  • Thank you for your feedback on a social review
  • Practice staff’s response to survey feedback
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Administration Panel

The admin panel for MedRev allows system administrators the following controls:

  • Add/remove individual users
  • User Impersonation – log in as a user
  • Credits management
  • Promo codes management
  • Company management
  • Locations management
  • Users management
  • Affiliate links
  • Affiliate attributions
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Third Party Integrations

As with many SaaS systems, a number of 3rd party systems have been added to MedRev. These systems help track users and give information on acquisition, behavior, user experience, and much more.

  • Google Analytics
  • Profitwell
  • LuckyOrange – not integrated into HIPAA compliant areas
  • Chatbot
  • Nexmo
  • Paubox


Running a HIPAA compliant software system requires a substantial amount of investment in security, both technical and legal. In addition to a variety of meetings with attorneys, MedRev underwent a HIPAA compliance certification process whereby all team members were trained on compliance standards, Business Associate Agreements (BAA) were signed with all subcontractors, and cybersecurity insurance was procured to insure against theft of data.

A list of regulatory issues and resolutions is noted below:

1. MedRev is compliant with the CAN-SPAM act, allowing patients to opt out of further texts or emails. These opt out requests are honored immediately.

  • a. Text: reply “STOP”
  • b. Email: click unsubscribe link
  • c. The practice’s physical address is provided at the bottom of every patient-facing email

2. MedRev is HIPAA compliant:

  • a. PHI is encrypted while at rest and in motion
  • b. Emails containing PHI are encrypted, and PHI is never distributed via text message
  • c. MedRev requires the use of strong passwords and automatically logs users out after a period of inactivity
  • d. We maintain and implement a comprehensive security policy manual that documents our security controls, and a privacy policy manual that documents our privacy safeguard
  • e. We conduct security and privacy risk assessments on an annual basis
  • f. We conduct network vulnerability scanning on an annual basis
  • g. We have BAA’s (Business Associate Agreements) with each external organization (i.e., our cloud service provider and our HIPAA-compliant email solution) and subcontractor that has access to PHI that is entrusted to us. These BAA’s require that these organizations also comply with HIPAA and require their subcontractors to do the same.
  • h. All our staff with access to PHI receive initial and annual HIPAA privacy and security training, and they are all required to sign a confidentiality agreement annually
  • i. We maintain audit logs of MedRev system usage


The MedRev brand was designed with healthcare, and particularly larger healthcare organizations in mind.

What the MedRev Brand designed

The brand research started as a set of tests to check the viability of the brand message. Research included conversations with hospital administrators, healthcare business CEOs, and marketing people in the industry, and an international healthcare trade show. This research led us to change from a healthcare reputation focused brand to that of a patient experience improvement focused brand. This research has been a critical part of our brand promise and pivoted some aspects of our product offering. Along with the brand message, we also used this research to work on our pricing model, which shifted twice prior to getting to market.


Multiple videos were created to explain the use and value of MedRev. These videos were implemented on the website for different buyer types. Here is one of them:


A different presentation has been created for each buyer type which focuses on the value preferences of each of these groups. The presentation presents the value of the system, helps healthcare executives understand the need, and describes the solution.

medrev presentation screenshot


Various print materials have been created to help sell the MedRev system. The print materials help different buyer types understand the value of the system and how to get started.

medrev print material
medrev print material