Facebook’s Fifth Birthday: A Crowded Celebration?

Category: SaaS Management

After five years of existence, Facebook is bigger than ever.

But as it continues to grow like the insatiable “blob,” users are finding less and less efficiency with their social engagement.

As the user count reaches the 1 billion person mark, it is clear that usability is not the issue. Reach is not the page’s weak spot either. In fact, Socialbakers estimates that users can reach and “like” an estimated 1.5 billion Facebook pages.

However, Facebook apps and pages currently have the ability to access their users and “likers” accounts as portals to infiltrate their friends’ news feeds. Therefore, individual users on the receiving end are left with news feed clutter and unwanted information.

Understandably, readers will probably not absorb the information in these untidy news feeds. Thus, companies are battling with the current issue of improving the proficiency of their advertising statements.


The new smartphone app called Wallit is one innovative example of an alternate media that is able to advertise free of clutter—at least for the time being. Wallit allows users to write on the “walls” of places where that user is currently located. They can chat with other users at that location, which may be helpful at, say, a Braves game while teasing an opposing fan across the stadium!

You are allowed to read the wall of any place you choose, but to write on the wall you must be at that location. This would be helpful for business owners and employees to advertise sales or specials at a restaurant, for example.
Facebook may satisfy the basic social networking needs of high schoolers, collegians, and now people of all ages.

However, with its infinite sharing capabilities being its very curse, alternative groundbreaking portals are becoming more desirable.

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