A Seamless Collaboration – WITH/agency

Since March 2022, we have served as a partner to WITH/agency in their work with a client in the banking industry, yielding benefits in terms of risk management, streamlined processes, and an online presence that has evolved in lockstep with business changes.


Project Goals

WITH/agency was closely collaborating with one of its clients in the banking industry to redefine its brand identity and realize the steep growth path on which the organization had embarked. The organic growth as well as the mergers and acquisitions that the client had recently gone through required an updated visual identity which would reflect their new positioning.

Once the new visual identity was conveyed in the form of a new website, WITH/agency needed an experienced partner that could help with transposing their creative ideas into the client’s digital presence to maintain an up-to-date online presence.


We partnered with WITH/agency to achieve the common goal of improving client satisfaction with post-launch website maintenance and support. Although it was a very well-developed website, our initial audit revealed several areas that required attention:

There was no customer-owned staging environment for the website.

There was no possibility of receiving feedback and performing user acceptance testing, content changes were performed directly on the live site, and code changes were being pushed from the development environment directly to the live site.

Some of the website pages did not meet the desired ADA compliance levels.

As an organization operating in a highly regulated industry, the client wanted to ensure that a comprehensive array of reasonable measures and protocols were meticulously implemented and maintained to meet their desired compliance level effectively and consistently.

The website back-ups were performed only locally.

This generates a very tight dependency on the hosting provider in case a website is subject to various attacks and malware infection.

Plugins used on the website were not up to date.

This can often expose the website to vulnerabilities.

3rd party integrations were still operating under previous vendor accounts.

The client was not fully in control of all 3rd party integrations that were required for the functionality of their website.


Through our website maintenance efforts, we’ve reduced or eliminated the above risks for the client by performing the following activities:

We’ve directly supported the client with setting up a staging environment where all changes could be reviewed and approved before being launched.


Performed an in-depth ADA compliance testing of the website, proposed fixes and implemented solutions.


Set up an automated on-site & off-site back-up process that ensures quick and easy restoration of the website in case of issues.


Updated any out-of-date plugins to reduce site vulnerabilities, activity that is now performed on a monthly basis.


Transitioned all 3rd party integrations to customer-owned accounts.

Below are just some of the benefits that were immediately apparent:

Customer Feedback and User Acceptance Testing

Staging environments allow for user acceptance testing, where stakeholders and selected users can provide feedback on new features or changes. Since the client had undergone a rebranding process, this often meant a comprehensive set of changes needed to be implemented and reviewed at once to meet the new brand guidelines.

Stress-Free Content Updates and Review

Content creators and editors can use the staging environment to review and update website content without affecting the live site until changes are finalized.

Seamless Deployments

The staging environment allows developers and quality assurance teams to test website changes, updates, and new features in a controlled setting before deploying them to the live website. By testing changes in a staging environment first, the risk of introducing errors, downtime, or disruptions on the live website is minimized.

Ongoing “Top Shelf” Maintenance Plan

Having chosen a website maintenance plan with a dedicated account manager, the end client as well as our partnering brand agency benefited from enhanced support with all website related activities.

This top level offering provides numerous other advantages which make it an essential investment for businesses seeking optimized website performance:

With a single point of contact, personalized support is provided, and a proactive maintenance strategy is developed based on the website's specific needs.

Timely updates, security patches, and efficient issue resolution are ensured, along with priority support and regular insights through reporting.

Our account managers conduct monthly reviews, wherein they thoroughly explain the website's performance assessments and provide valuable recommendations for continuous improvement to the client. These monthly reviews offer the benefit of gaining deeper insights into website analytics, user behavior, and potential areas for enhancement, allowing the client to make informed decisions and enhance their online presence effectively.

With resource optimization, a long-term relationship, and peace of mind through overseeing the website’s health and effectiveness, businesses can confidently focus on their core activities, knowing their online presence is in capable hands.

John Slaughter portrait

Jessica Tait

Director of Operations

“Our branding agency needed a partner like this team…We value having a partner like them, who understand our brand strategies and vision, and can bolster our clients’ digital presence accordingly, while also staying a few steps ahead to know simple ways to provide improvements.”