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U.S. Xpress Inc.

For this project, JHMG was solicited to create a new design to represent U.S. Xpress as a technology company driven by people, moving away from a classic trucking website by highlighting diversity and technology.

What Problems Does
U.S. Xpress Site Rebuild Solve?

U.S. Xpress’s goal was to reposition their brand from a trucking company to a tech company, which meant they would also have to broaden and diversify their target audience.

The new brand strategy was to reflect their transformation from “grizzled industry veteran” to “tech-forward disruptor” on a mission to make the whole trucking industry work better.


Project Goals

  • Convey a professional and clean updated brand identity.
  • Target the right audience with four personas (drivers, shippers, carriers, and investors).
  • Display the company’s latest news to keep their audience up to date.
  • Ensure proper SEO redirection from the previous site.

System Design

Logo & Sitemap

First, we created an initial sitemap, which underscored the need to clearly define the user profiles. The strategy was then defined on the client’s side, providing us with the finalized sitemap based on our initial draft, as well as the first iteration of the Branding Manual (including a new logo, colors, and some design elements) and four user profiles. We then provided wireframes for the homepage and other main pages.

styling element u.s. xpress
U.S. Xpress logotype

Homepage & Personas

From there, we created an initial style guide and elaborated several homepage designs. We worked very closely with the client’s creative director to achieve a compliant color palette in order to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 guidelines regarding color contrast. Slanted elements (e.g., the four personas section) are used to convey dynamism and movement. The design focuses throughout on the four types of site visitors, and to reflect the new branding strategy we oriented the design to showcase technology while downplaying traditional trucking images.

u.s. xpress 4 personas


Regarding the site architecture, we divided the posts and articles into several sections to give the users a clear view of the educational resources, webinars, reports, and news available. The new website makes it possible for their customers to locate information about the sector that is tailored specifically to them and the solutions they need. We also worked together with the U.S. Xpress team to route existing URLs to their corresponding newly developed page with redirect rules. All content that lacked new corresponding pages was redirected to either their closest parent page or the homepage.

blog page screenshot

System Build

Tech Stack

PHP – WordPress

Project Management & Other Systems

Asana for client communication
Harvest for time tracking
Figma for the design phase
WP Engine hosting solution

System Features

The desktop version of the homepage above the fold section features a video background.
The homepage displays the 4 personas targeted by the company with a slanted design to visualize the dynamism of the client’s branding.
The subpages were built following the cleanliness and simplicity of the style guide.

The company page features a staff grid with pictures and bios.


Dropdowns from the navigation have been slanted with the same angle like other element designs.


The forms embedded on the website are from Hubspot systems.

System Flow