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Investing in Experience

JHMG was conceived as a platform to develop SaaS systems for our clients and partners. Over the years, the partners of JHMG have started several of their own SaaS companies in several different industries.

Having the experience of building not just for clients, but for ourselves as well, we understand process of taking a new product to market and that you’re not building a product, you’re building a business.

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20 years of launching SaaS systems

  • Your Partner

    Growing a SaaS company requires more than just a design and coding studio to help you get started. Most teams need assistance with planning, going to market strategies, marketing, sales, SOP development, process management, and of course the actual build of the system. With our years of experience in SaaS business growth, we have the expertise to walk with you down your road to success.

    Your Partner
  • Education

    New SaaS entrepreneurs often don’t have experience in the development world, and we understand your needs. We can hold your hand through your on ongoing development process, and even help you bring on team members that will create a powerful and lasting team.

  • The Planning Mindset

    Planning is such an important aspect of software development that we built our own SaaS around development planning. We take a high level of care in planning to ensure client expectations are managed, timelines are met, and budgets are on track. A SaaS project plan can be as small as just the development portion, or as large as the entire business plan.

    Management Systems
  • Code Quality

    Building a project for the long haul means always creating elegant, well documented code that is built for maintenance. When you don’t have well planned or well written code, system rebuilds are going to be a future issue. Doing it right in the beginning means saving money and time in the long run.

    Code Quality
  • Culture of Innovation

    Understanding the latest technologies while tempering new systems with an understanding of time tested technologies helps us blend and recommend new and integrated systems to meet the needs of your business.

    Culture of Innovation

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