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RIS Core

Managing independent diagnostic facilities for maximum patient throughput and optimized profitability.




After several years of working together on other projects, Diagnostic Systems of Georgia engaged JH Media Group on to help redevelop their internal RIS system, which had initially been developed over 12 years ago. In order to support multiple facilities, hundreds of thousands of patients, and hundreds of workers, the system needed to have a smooth UX that worked for all the many different user types within the organization.

The development of this enterprise-level, mission critical, HIPAA compliant system was build with an agile methodology in a hand-in-hand partnership with our client, and has had a strong focus on the business management aspect of a diagnostic facility. Throughout the process of building this system, business process waste within the business operations has been discovered and removed time and time again. From automating the identification of what forms need to be printed for which patients, and prefilling the known data for those patients, to automating the gathering of insurance data, the savings of this system to a diagnostic facility is immense, and we have been very proud of our work here.

The RIS system for a diagnostic facility is the practice management system that helps process patients through the following systems:

  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility checks
  • Precertification
  • Registration and forms management
  • Tech review
  • Insurance deductible checks
  • Time of service payments

  • Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) interfacing
  • Transcription, mammography, and other DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Integration with DICOM Workflow for data integrity
  • HL7 integrations to billing, insurance, and code checking systems
  • Business reporting
  • HIPAA Complaint Multi-facility administration


Ris Core, Radiology Information System
The RIS Core

This system is the central hub from which all patients are scheduled and registered, all work queues for workers processing patients are managed, eligibility and precertification are checked and input, and all systems integrations operate from.

Ris Core, Ris Reporting
RIS Reporting

Reporting integrates with data collected in the RIS to provide in depth breakdowns of profits and costs. The reports in the system enable users to display and see accurate and up to date costs, sources of income, and productivity. Administrators can make adjustments and see their immediate results and growth.

Physician Referral Engine
Physician Referral Engine

From the physician referral portal, doctors offices can smoothly refer and schedule patients with only minimal oversight of the RIS systems schedulers.

RIS Core, Rapid Tablet
Radiology Administration Patient Insight and Dissemination (RAPID) Tablet System

This tablet-based app is a two fold system. The registration component enables patients to quickly fill, double check, or fill out new demographic information. The technologist can then review patient data in a separate area to clarify questions, change exams if necessary, and quickly get the patient processed for their exam.

Our Process

Developing such a large-scale system was not a linear process. There were many items happening in parallel to one another, and often systems had to be redefined during the development process. However, generally speaking, the following steps were taken.

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