Your path to an operational, revenue-generating SaaS, PaaS, or application begins here.

Engage one of the most experienced SaaS development teams and stop guessing about your process, planning, implementation, and execution.


For those getting started or in the process of growing a SaaS or Application that want to grow faster, save time and money, and gain market share.

Short-term or ongoing consulting

Grow faster

Save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes

Ensure your team is taking the right steps

Get access to resources and methods

Application Architecture

Having a plan and a well thought out information architecture is one of the best methods of saving time, getting started faster, and ensuring a successful project.

Well thought-out information architecture and project plan developed

Can be used by any build team

Every feature and sub-feature reviewed, fields described, and interconnectivity contemplated

Competitors reviewed for feature recommendations

Work time and duration estimated for every feature set.

Navigable wireframes and designs produced

Includes planning of all pages, feature sets, and transactional emails

Build Your MVP

Once the project scope is completed, we can build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is a system to further validate your product and start getting to market.

MVP features identified and developed

All MVP pages coded and operational

Initial integrations completed

Transactional emails completed

SaaS or application set up in project management systems, code repository, and hosting environment

Full-Featured Application

Once the project scope is complete, we can build your full-featured application. You tell us what features to include and we take care of the rest.

Complete build of SaaS or application in an agile framework

Information architecture & project plan build

Project consulting

All systems and integrations

Integration into existing systems

All transactional emails

In-house team build assistance

Transition to your in-house team

Ongoing support and Continuous Integration (CI) available

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About JHMG Through Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I hire JHMG to create my project architecture, and then have another team develop it?
Can JHMG help me find a development team to fit my budget?
How can JHMG help with marketing my SaaS or application?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Merv Waldrop
County Manager

We have worked with JHMG for nearly 10 years. They have always provided great service and listened to our needs.

Burke County GA

Great Service &

Listened to Our Needs

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John Slaughter, BSc

JH Media Group has provided website support on a project and operational basis over the past three years.  During that time, they have proven to be responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.  Jason and his staff have always met and exceeded our expectations, and consistently explain the expected scope and deliverables to us before any agreement is signed.

Alliant Health Solutions

They have proven to be responsive,

professional, and knowledgeable.

Aaron Trubic

Aaron Trubic
Managing Director

Our experience as both brand client and agency partner has been nothing short of outstanding. JH Media worked with us to establish the foundation of a long term working relationship and they've never faltered. Simply put, they make us look good, make our lives easier, and uphold our faith in agency partnerships. I give them my highest recommendation.

Big Red Label

They make us look good

They make our lives easier

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