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Lectenz® Bio

Attracting investors, partners and new customers to a biotech startup.

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Working closely with the team at Lectenz® Bio, we developed a web strategy as the company rebranded and prepared to pitch new technologies and products to key investors. In order to build a website applicable to both non-technical investors and industry-leading scientists, our team of designers, developers and project managers strategized, brainstormed and created content.

The process of creating a cohesive brand identity involved determining a color pallet, designing a logo and implementing a digital strategy for the first phase of the website. Our team at JH Media Group were in constant contact with the client as we refined the site and approached the product launch.

Technical Specifications

5 weeks

JH Media Group’s approach is based on deep and frequent engagements to understand client requirements and define success criteria early on. As part of product launch, we needed to rebrand the company and design a website with new content and visual appeal to establish an effective online presence targeting our clients, partners, and investors. The result was the development of a new logo that effectively reflected our culture, values, and vision while capturing design elements relevant to our highly technical clientele. Thematic elements of the new branding were integrated into a responsive cross-platform website integrated with an e-commerce platform. The project was well managed, the process was smooth, their team was responsive, and the results are better than what we imagined.

Kausar SamliChief Executive Officer
Lectenz Bio

Dr. Kausar Samli is Chief Executive Officer and Associate Founder of Lectenz Bio. He brings scientific and business experience leveraging his core expertise in strategy, technology, and organizational development. He leads initiatives in product commercialization, strategic partnership development, and investor relations.

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