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Lead Generation

Every job is unique.

Some projects just don't need everything and the kitchen sink to be successful.

As your partners and friends, we can help guide you to what your organization needs to be successful. When building a starter package, we create a foundation specifically formulated with growth in mind. The starter can both get you off the ground, and sustain your company through growth.

Because every company is different, the pages and information architecture for every project is as well. Below are a few of the services we offer for every new project we create with this package. As with all of our systems, this platform gives you a great introduction to how we price our projects, but after our first meeting, we will make recommendations for you on a platform and information architecture as well as a flat fee price.

Major advantages to the Starter are a very fast turnaround time and a low budget while creating a customized user experience that delivers the right message to your audience.

Powerful tools to meet your needs

  • A Meeting Of The Minds.
    Strategy is the key to success.

    In every project we take on, we make it our mission to figure out exactly what makes your business or oganization tick. We will go through your audiences, demographics, pain points, and successes so that we can act with maximum impact. Once we understand your business, then we can being understanding the project.

    By the end of the meeting, we strive to have enough information to provide a detailed information architecture and project scope.

    A Meeting Of The Minds.
  • Customized design solutions
    Ready-made solutions that deliver results.

    We help you choose and modify a theme that delivers your message and drives users to the end of your choosing. Whether it is a lead funnel, an event, an online purchase, or a message to be delivered, we help you find the right design to meet your needs.

    Customized design solutions
  • Build your digital brand
    Customized design services make the difference.

    From contemplation to completion, we will work with you to create an image that is all yours. In style, design, and function this project will artfully represent your message and meet your goals. Customized design work makes your project shine and your business succeed.

    Build your digital brand
  • Mobile responsive web solutions
    Everyone uses a smartphone.

    You're probably reading this on a smartphone now, and probably look at a lot of websites on your phone. So every public facing website we build is built to work on your phone, tablet, and computer.

    Mobile responsive web solutions
  • Content management that meets your needs
    Edit your content when you need, how you want.

    You need the freedom to make changes, add pages, move content, and inform your audience when you need, and the way you want. We enable you to edit what you need, when you need it.

    Before getting going on site edits though, we'll also provide you with training to show you the content management system so your questions are answered before you ask them!

    Content management that meets your needs
  • Content Creation
    We will give your brand a voice.

    Award winning writers and photographers will be at your disposal to make sure that your beautiful new website is filled with enjoyable relevant content and copy. We know you are busy. Let us take care of it.

    Content Creation
  • Search engine optimization
    To make sure you're found, first.

    Being the first on the list is often the most important part of doing online buisiness. Whomever gets the first click also gets the business, so let's make sure the right people are finding you first!

    From website optimization to community and link-building, we can help get you to the top of search engines so your audience can find you quickly.

    SEO isn't a point and shoot action though. It takes time and ongoing work. Fortunately we are here to keep you going!

    Search engine optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting
    Know your users and your ROI.

    Know where people are coming from, what they are looking at, how they are using your site, and if that button you weren't really sure about is actually working. actually working or not. We will set up Google analytics for you so can get regular reports on your project as well as see who is on your website right now!

    Understanding your users enables you to improve your marketing, split test your efforts, and gain traction and grow your business.

    Analytics & Reporting
  • Support and Growth
    We're here for you as you grow.

    Being responsive to our clients' needs is a cornerstone of JH Media Group. We know that when your audience can't reach you the way you need them to, it is a critical issue.

    If you call during business hours, you'll always get a live person on the phone. If you have a problem, we always strive to get an answer as quickly as possible.

    Support and Growth

Customizing to your needs.

Every company has it’s own needs, systems, and it’s unique specifications. We have to start somewhere though, right? So below we’ve put together a few basic packages to help you get started, learn about our pricing, put a foot in the right direction to get you started.
With all of our experience, we can take the basic package and a little consultation and customize our services to your needs.

Customizing to your needs. Lead Generation

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