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Healthcare Systems

A Sales and Growth Focused Approach

Our time-tested approach to marketing revolves around understanding your business processes. We take the time to analyze your goals, your business and sales processes, and your current implementation in order to make the right improvements.

Whether you are just getting going, or going and growing, we can help take you to the next level.


Business Operations

Some projects just don't need everything and the kitchen sink to be successful.

The clinical side of any healthcare operation is important, but if your business isn’t in order, you’re facing major problems. Whether you need a new platform integrated, systems developed, or modules edited, we can assist your internal team or manage and build the project.

We have experience in healthcare working with:

Powerful tools to meet your needs

  • Billing.

    From processing payments to integrating with 3rd party billing systems and helping process coding and coding errors, our team can make sure that your organization is getting paid properly for yuour work.

    Allscript    wellsfargo
  • Scheduling

    Properly scheduling patients while balancing eligibility, precertifcations, reminder calls, SMS notifications, and billing can be a complex undertaking. We know the multi-step paths that you take to ensure your patients and clients are satisfied.

  • Management Systems

    Are the right hours blocked for your people? What happened to that modality? Who was supposed to print those forms? All of these questions get asked every day in clinical settings. We can help automate these kinds of tasks and mitigate issues that arise from problems.

    Management Systems
  • Sales and Lead Generation

    Are you getting referrals? Are patients coming in the door? Are you sending the right messages to your clients and referring physicians? Do you have a monitored and well working sales pipeline? Let us help you get your revenues up!

    Sales and Lead Generation
  • Systems Automation

    So often, organizations are trying to make sure the balls they are juggling just stay in the air, and don’t have time to think about ways they can be saving money. Our team will help you identify systems that can be automated and areas of your business with waste. Once items are identified, solutions are often just a few steps away.

    Systems Automation
  • Business Process Management

    Healthcare can be a complicated business to maintain, and very often workers don’t understand one another’s jobs. So figuring out the best way to manage your overall business processes can be an overwhelming task. We can analyze the situation and implement work queues and new processes to help overcome these demanding situations.

    Business Process Management
  • Reporting Systems

    How is your business doing? Can you tell if you’re being paid properly? How are certain kinds of referrals, patients, or clients affecting your bottom line? We can help you find answers to the complex problems in business, and put these into simple dashboards so you can make the right decisions.

    Reporting Systems

Patient Interactions

Some projects just don't need everything plus the kitchen sink to be successful.

Ensuring your patients are happy and satisfied customers is a key part of any healthcare organization. But so much goes into every interaction. We understand the intricacies of patient management hand in hand with operational necessities.

Powerful tools to meet your needs

  • Eligibility / Benefits

    Whether helping a business assess the viability of patients, determining deductibles, or calculating time of service payments, we can help you streamline your organization through connections with clearinghouse systems automated integrations.

    Availity   Emdeon
    Eligibility / Benefits
  • Precertifications

    If your organization has to deal with insurance precertifications, you know what a task that can be. Ensuring that the right precert for the right day at the right location for the right patient at the right time has been acquired can get out of hand quickly. We know that making sure your revenue is secure is a key component of your business, so let’s find out if there are any issues and how we can fix them!

    Aetna   Bluecross
  • Registration Forms

    Want to make sure your organization’s patient registration forms are streamlined, compliant, and secure? We can implement 3rd party systems or develop custom solutions for your organization to process patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Registration Forms
  • Document Management

    We know you have to keep those documents for a long time, so finding a way to securely store documents in a searchable, manageable system is key to your company. We can help make sure nothing is lost and patient data is secure.

    Document Management

  • HIPAA Compliance

    What necessitates compliance? What features in a system are required for compliance? How are systems audited, and what happens if there is a breach? HIPAA is an often misunderstood standard for people who don’t deal with it regularly. We can help you make sure that your systems are compliant and secure.

    Hipaa Compliance
    Hipaa Compliance


Healthcare technology systems are a mixture of cutting edge and legacy systems. From standard and non-standard HL7 healthcare message transfer and integrations, to modality integrations, and many third party systems we can get your organization running smoothly and working to industry specifications.

Powerful tools to meet your needs

  • Clearinghouse Systems

    Figuring eligibility and other patient information often necessitates access to, and full integration of clearinghouse systems such as Availity and Emdeon. We can get your team integrated to automate your current workload or diminish outstanding time sinks.

    Availity   Emdeon
    Eligibility / Benefits
  • Coding

    Are your CPT codes matching up with ICD codes? Are you being paid properly for your work? We can help ensure the right codes match up and that billing has the information they need to process your revenue.

    Coderyte   3M
    Coding healthcare
  • HL7

    HL7 was originally created in 1979, and has been expanded since its inception. This mixture of legacy and contemporary systems can create a lot of non-standard implementations. We can help your team get on track with systems integrations.

  • PACS

    Having problems sending worklists via HL7 to modalities from your PACS? Or perhaps setting up transcription systems is giving you a headache? After an analysis of your systems, we can make recommendations and modifications to better organize your systems.

    Avreo   Synapse - Pacs
  • 3rd Party Systems Integrations

    Healthcare technology is a deep and wide field. Being able to effectively work with a variety of systems to help process patients, bill, schedule, and so much more is a daunting task. Fortunately, the JHMG team has the experience to get systems setup and functioning as quickly as possible.

    3rd Party Systems Integrations


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