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On April 6, 2011 CNN Tech awarded ten lucky company websites with the title of “Most Innovative.” According to CNN, these companies demonstrated rapid growth, unique design, and forward-thinking strategies. So, who were the chosen ten?

1. Twitter

2. Google

3. Zynga

4. Netflix

5. Foursquare

6. Tumblr

7. Crimson Hexagon

8. Stocktwits

9. Microsoft

10. Conaco Productions

All of these websites are recognizable in name, and most of them have either invented or are contributing to a current technology trend. But what is it about their actual websites that other companies should pay attention to? What are they doing to attract viewers? Below, you will find a checklist of important factors to include on your site to keep viewers interested:

1) Provide relevant information.

Websites like Twitter are known for their fast-paced information updates. In fact, many people claim to get their news and late-breaking information from social media sites. Linking a company Twitter account with the company’s homepage can be a great tool for providing the latest updates on new software, events, or products. By having a Twitter feed on your site, you can invite your viewers to further connect with you via other sites, phone apps, and more. 

2) Connect with your visitors.

Giving your visitors a place to communicate with you as a company is key. Chat rooms are a bit outdated now, so try to come up with something new! Social media links are a great way to start, especially if you are looking to get further input from your clients. Share pictures from the office, tweet about funny office incidents, and make your visitors feel like they are a part of your team.

3) Keep it casual.

While it is important to act professional, being casual can sometimes be a great choice. Visitors want the structured and straightforward side of your company when they are conversing with you about price and services. However, let them get a feel for your company’s personality and its employees through a section of your site devoted just to its internal team. One idea is to start a company blog. On the blog, which would be linked to your site, you can have various employees write relevant articles about products and services related to your field. The blog represents a much more casual atmosphere, and allows clients to “meet” more employees by reading their works and viewing their profiles.

Having up-to-date, relevant information on your site is a key component to your online success. By visiting CNN’s top ten innovative web sites, you can explore the various ways to accomplish this task. The more interactive your site becomes, the greater the chance that visitors will return to your company’s page to get the latest information.

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