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Clarify Your Message to Grow Your Business

Tuesday, February 20
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Learn how to nail your marketing
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Tuesday, February 20 | 2PM EST | Free Webinar








Are you wasting money on marketing?

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Are your sales flat, even with an increased ad budget?


Are your competitors snatching up all your business?


Have you dropped a ton of money on a website that’s not getting you new customers?


Are you losing sleep over how much you’re spending on Facebook ads?


Are your leads losing interest before you ever get to ask for a sale?


Have you resorted to gimmicks or high-pressure tactics?


Is your marketing agency the only one making money off your ads?


Do people even understand what you’re selling?

What if you could spend less on marketing and sell more?

Clarify Your Message to Grow Your Business

will be the most valuable 45 minutes you spend on your business all year.

Here’s what you get

Practical Marketing Tips

Learn how to talk about what you do so customers will actually listen and take action. No more guessing about what works.

An Effective Marketing Plan 

Leave with a step-by-step plan you can implement now. Bring in more leads, convert more customers and make more money.

Michelle Cobb
Meet Your Presenter:

StoryBrand Certified Guide
Michelle Cobb, Ph.D.

COO, JH Media Group

If you’re anything like the hundreds of business owners I’ve worked with over the past 8 years, you’re tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work. You’ve tried everything, but your bottom line just isn’t budging. It’s so aggravating! 

Or maybe you’re new to the business world (welcome!) and while you know you need marketing, your budget is small and you haven’t a clue where to invest those dollars. “Overwhelmed,” feels like an understatement.

Can I tell you a secret—one many “experts” would rather you not know? If your potential customers don’t understand what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter how big your marketing budget is or what you spend it on. 

What does matter? How you respond to the question, “What does your company do?” And if your answer confuses or bores people, you’re losing sales.

I created Clarify Your Message to Grow Your Business to solve that problem. You’ll learn exactly how to talk about your products or services in a way that captures your customers’ attention and compels them to buy. 

That’s effective marketing, and you deserve it.

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