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Create a system to plan web, app, and software projects, do hours estimations, and get client approvals on work.

Fixing a Problem

BrainLeaf was built because of a major problem facing JHMG. In the early years of the company, we had to learn about project management, expectation management, information architecture, not to mention how to actually build the project. One of the biggest issues we encountered was how to explain to a client what we were going to be building.

As designers, we didn’t have an innate orientation towards documentation. We just wanted to get started designing the project. But when you’re building a website or software system, particularly software, you have to think about it like a construction project. No builder would ever start work on a project without a blueprint and set of specification documents, and neither should any web or software developer start work on a project without the same thing. As it turned out though, there weren’t many tools for building information architectures the way there are for creating blueprints.

So we built one.

And It turns out that every development team out there needs something similar.

Tech Stack

Our Process

It’s one of those “if I knew then what I know now” kind of things. On the bright side, you have the advantage of working with a team that has built it’s own SaaS and knows the pitfalls.

This system started as an internal architecture building tool, originally developed by Jeremy Minnick, one of the original partners at JHMG. He developed it to help our business developers clarify with clients what was to be built and help the team calculate hours. One day, a designer was looking over the tool and said, “you know, I think everyone would want something like this,” and a new SaaS was born… very, very slowly.

Over the next 5 years, BrainLeaf, as we now know it, slowly took shape and became a reality. Since way back drake the system has been pushing forward as it's own entity. Now, after years of work, and countless hours on the system, it is really starting to take off.

The System Build The BrainLeaf system was built over the course of several years in increments as we had the time and the budget to invest. The system didn’t really start gathering steam until 2014 when the need really arose for a system like this.

Now, the system is on a fully agile method build process with daily scrums and weekly and bi-monthly releases.
Content Marketing
When you’re building an app, you’re building a business. Just having the system isn’t enough to make it grow, it takes sales, marketing, advertising, management, operations, and human resources. But while the system was gathering steam, we started off with just content marketing to keep us in front of our target markets.

Now that it’s been going for a while, our blog is full of useful information, great authors, and has a dedicated audience.
Twitter Follower Growth
We knew early on that growing an audience in this industry was competitive and was going to be a feat. How do you compete with Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, and Reddit? The first step to build a following of readers on Twitter. Now, with over 50,000 followers, when we talk, people listen.
Team & Culture Development
Creating a company around a digital product that isn’t sexy but needs to be appealing can be a daunting task at first glance. Growing a culture of hard work, responsiveness, innovation, and verdance with the our team has been surprisingly smooth as the team and company have grown. Basing this new endeavor on our culture at JHMG has helped tremendously our satisfaction and growth within the company.
Customer Relationship Culture
Coming from the agency model of responsiveness, partnership, innovation, and consulting has helped us build a customer interface culture where we strive to help grow our customers’ businesses as we grow BrainLeaf.

Product Launch

  • Brainleaf scoping tool
  • Brainleaf scoping tool
  • Brainleaf scoping tool
  • Brainleaf scoping tool
  • Brainleaf scoping tool

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