Basic Principles of Web Design (a very simple explanation)

When people are using the internet, they are looking for information.

This is the most important observation about users on the internet. On the internet, content and information is king. Search engines rank websites by how relevant and important their information is, as well as how many people are searching for that information and finding it. This is important to the design of a website because when a user comes to your home page, they are looking for a piece or pieces of information. If they have to search for that information, users are less likely to use your website. So, a general guideline of website design is to find the information that the most number of people are looking for, and hit them over the head with it. read more

The Cobbler’s Children Got Brand New Shoes

Not unlike many web designers whose days are wrenched with tight production schedules, support calls and in-house meetings; squeezing out our own contemporary design has been a difficult task weighing in at a total of two years…. But hallelujah, at last it has arrived! And I’d love to give you the grand tour:

You’ll notice, as was intentional, that our designs are featured center stage. Though we boast content management and application development as our unique value proposition, our custom designs are often what resonate with interested parties. Furthermore, we recognize that few will read, word for word, what we have written here; our competitors perhaps. But everyone else just wants to see the pretty pictures. read more

The Art of Beta Testing

What is a Beta and Why is it Used?

A Beta version is originally used to refer to software applications that are close to completion. Beta software is still under active development, debugging, and revisions. Beta software typically doesn’t have all features (even sometimes critical ones) implemented fully or at all.

In the modern terminology, one can have a beta. In this usage, the beta represents a time span during which public users are selectively invited to try out unfinished or untested software as it under goes its final development stages. read more