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Diagnostics Marketing Brochure

Our Presentation from 2/2/18

Hey Abbie,

It was great speaking with you this morning.  Thanks so much, again, for your time!

As we discussed on our call, please take a look at our cloud-based provider referral engine,  SwiftPatient.  This system addresses the issue of multiple doctor logins within a practice.   I am happy to arrange a meeting directly with our developers to discuss any questions you may have regarding the system. Please let us know of a good time.

Additionally, as we mentioned, SwiftPatient is currently in development and is scheduled to launch in 3 months.  If you sign up now, you can take advantage of an introductory rate of $1000 start-up cost + $250 per month for 6 months.

Please also take a look at our site, www.diagnosticsmarketing.net for additional information on our full range of systems available.  Pricing information for each product is also noted.

Thanks and we look forward to talking again.  Have a great weekend and we hope your husband feels better soon.


Eve, Jimmy and the JHMG Team

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