It’s here again, Monday. The weekend was way too short for your liking but you are trying to get through the day with your sanity. Logging onto Facebook, the first thing that catches your eye are pictures of your friend from college in Hawaii sipping on a tasty looking drink. Instead, you are at your cold office trying to get through what seems like hundreds of emails. You click “like” but do you really like the fact that they are on some tropical island and you are stuck at the office? Don’t you wish there was a medium solely for expressing your displeasure in things for a change?

There is this new app that was launched for the iPhone last Friday called “Hater App” that acts much like Instagram. The only difference is that the users upload pictures of things in their day they hate. Do you have a friend that isn’t the brightest crayon in the box? You can also anonymously upload the less-than-scholarly things other people post on different sites directly onto Hater App. There is a “Hater” community that can share in your grief. You are not alone!  Just last week, I uploaded a picture to Facebook of Atlanta’s ridiculous traffic and a few of my friends liked the picture. It just doesn’t make sense because nobody likes traffic. This app helps you to stop liking and to start hating!

Founder of Hater App, Jake Banks, says that social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram restrict us from being ourselves because they are based just off of “likes” and over-positivity. “It’s really an answer to everything out there. All you can do is ‘like’ things,” Banks told Mashable.” I don’t want to be the guy pretending to be someone I’m not.” Banks is making it socially acceptable to see your glass as half empty sometimes. Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies, sometimes its traffic jams and long lines. It’s only human to be disgruntled every now and again. Finally, an app Grumpy Cat would approve of!