There is a free iPhone app that helps you track your experiences from different projects you’ve completed and helps assess if they were worth it based on how much fun, money, and knowledge you gained from them. The goal is to keep track of the projects that are worth it to you so you can assess what types of projects would be ideal for you in the future.

With the industry we are in, this would be a really good idea if you’re a freelancer that is working on multiple types of projects and want to reflect on them after they are completed. It can help you save time in the future by helping you decide what projects to work on based on the simple question…. was it worth it? It asks how much money you have made (or lost), the knowledge you gained, and the amount of fun you had while completing the project. Although this app is aimed at freelancers, this app is also good if you are into DIY projects!

All you really have to do is enter your projects then use the sliders to indicate how much money, knowledge, and happiness you gained based on the project. Was It Worth It then nicely graphs your projects so you can quickly and easily assess if the work is worth doing again in the future. What a nice time saver! Did we mention it’s free?