J H Media Group develops business websites and web-based applications for multi-million dollar corporations, non-profits, government agencies, colleges and individuals.  We specialize in developing an understanding of your organization, then a strategy for helping you accomplish your goals before building highly dynamic and easily maintainable web based projects and software that meet your goals.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, meticulous planning, collaboration, clarification, and a devotion to developing our skills and experiences within our industry.
We have recently focused our efforts into the healthcare arena where we have developed a cost-effective medical solution for healthcare professionals and hospitals. J H Media group has created a template that we customize just for your needs and helps save you more money than our competition! Our work ahead of time on the template makes your site easy to set up thus saving you more money.  They are also flexible and easy to update. We have recently developed a series of websites for St. Mary’s Medical Group using our system that we tailored specifically to their business. This has given St. Mary’s the flexibility of quickly representing multiple specialist offices while maintaining a unique and focused look for each one. Below are some examples of some of the work we have done for them.

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