On Thursday, Jason Long (our CEO) had the privilege of participating in the AIGA Roundtable discussion at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta. AIGA is the professional association for design, and has 66 chapters across the country. With over 20,000 members, AIGA works to support the careers of many varied types of design professionals.

This roundtable discussion was for those who are running their own design studios, something Jason has been doing for 10+ years now. They mused on the common triumphs and pitfalls of this line of work, and it was nice to be able to be in community with with other creative professionals and hear about how they handle things.

Since creative professionals often work freelance or for small business, it is important to take time to convene with other designers and keep up with what everyone is doing. This way we stay on top of industry standards and best practices, but also can share ideas and experiences as well. Fun and exciting things always happen when creative people gather together, and this roundtable was no different! It was a really enjoyable event and we are looking forward to participating in future AIGA events.