With so many options in social media, it’s important to actually strategize about which type of social media to use — and to use it effectively for your company or brand. Simply having a Facebook page, Twitter or blog just to have it for your company won’t do any good unless there is a purpose behind it.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a great example of how to use Twitter effectively. Each week Fallon sends atweet out to his over four million Twitter followers, inviting them to participate in his “Hashtag Game.” Fallon creates a tag like #HalloweenFAIL, #WhoDoesThat, #MyTeacherIsWeird, and #WhyImSingle and invites his followers to send him funny one-liner jokes using the selected hashtags. Many times, Fallon’s Twitter hashtags are so wildly popular that they become top trending topics all over the U.S.

Here are some of my favorites:

Fallon retweets some of the Tweets throughout the day and actually shares others on his show that week. This strategy is brilliant because Fallon receives free jokes from participants, actually encourages more Twitter users to follow him, increases his blog viewership and increases his ratings on his television show because Twitter participants want to see if their tweets made it onto national television.

Simple yet creative ideas such as this are vital in the social media industry today. Try to set some strategic objectives for your company or brand in order to use social media more effectively in the future.